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Wheatland by Michigan Brewing Company

After a very long day at work, and an ungodly commute home…the King just wanted to relax.  It seems my mind has been thinking about one thing…and one thing alone.  I’m sure you have all guessed what that one thing is…no, not beer.  Why it is mountain biking of course.  With a nice rain free four day weekend ahead of me, I was thinking I could get lots of single track riding in but then I remembered that most of the trails around here are either too wet or so clogged with downed trees, riding would be difficult at best.  I think I need a road trip…the  spur of the moment kind of thing.  Oh…I just remembered…I have a beer to drink.

Beer #277 is Wheatland by Michigan Brewing Company from of all places…Michigan.  This Hefeweizen has an ABV of 5% and is another beer in my birthday gift of the beer of the month club.

This poured a cloudy pale yellow with a fizzy white head.  The nose was pretty weak and I couldn’t really pick out much of anything other than a bit of wheat.  It was disappointing taste wise…it had a wheat flavor with a bitter bite and a crisp finish.  The body was very thin with quite a ton of stinging carbonation.

While this wasn’t horrible…it was all that great either.

Rating: D

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