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White Magick of the Sun by Voodoo Brewing Company

Beer #295 is White Magick of the Sun by Voodoo Brewing Company.  This Witbier is brewed in Meadville, Pennsylvania and has an ABV of 6.75%.

It poured a hazy golden color with a generous sized off-white head.  The nose was interesting, citrus and black peppercorn.  It reminded me of the smell I get when I refill our black peppercorn dispenser.  The wheat was there…just a bit muted or probably because the peppercorn was pretty strong.  Orange and cloves kicked off the taste.  The wheat taste is present throughout most of the drink.  The black peppercorn hits near the end and there is also a slight bitterness.  I got a bit of a sour taste also that sprung up near the end also.  It was quite dry.  The body was somewhere between medium and light.  It had plenty of carbonation.

This beer was very spicy.  There was also a flavor here that was bugging me that I couldn’t quite identify…a bit fruity and slightly sweet.  This was solid brew.  If you dig spicy beers, give this a try.

Rating: B

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Voodoo Love Child by Voodoo Brewing Company

Happy Father’s Day to all who are fathers!  I am not a father, unless you count three cats, they seem like kids to me anyways.  My father is no longer here and today is always a bit sad for me.  Anyways, I found a new liquor store today, Wine World on Route 18 in East Brunswick, New Jersey.  Their employees seem knowledgeable in all things beer and they have a decent selection of craft brews for one to enjoy.  Check them out if you are in the area.

Let me introduce beer #203, Voodoo Love Child by Voodoo Brewing Company from Meadville, Pennsylvania.  With an ABV of 9.5%, this Belgian Strong Pale Ale poured a clear honey color with a thin white head.  Lots of cherries and raspberries in the nose with a faint alcohol aroma.  Cherries…raspberries…I love both and was anticipating tasting this brew.  And taste it I did…the cherries (kind of tart) were there but nearly as sweet as the nose indicated.  I didn’t get any raspberry in the taste…shame.  There was some toasted malts mid drink and it finished with a nice bitter hoppy bite.  Medium bodied, lots of carbonation, and a crisp finish coupled with the alcohol not being all that noticeable in the taste, make this pretty drinkable for me.

This was a very nice beer to while away a lazy summer day reading a book of fiction about a very likable serial killer, Dexter.  A great Showtime series and even better books.

Dad…this is for you…

Rating: B+

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Wynona's Big Brown Ale by Voodoo Brewing Company

“Wynona’s got herself a big brown beaver and she shows it off to all her friends.”

Beer #168 sounds like an ode to Primus and their song Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver which I quoted above.  Wynona’s Big Brown Ale by Voodoo Brewing Company (Meadville, Pennsylvania) is an American Brown Ale with an ABV of 7.3%.  Indeed, according to the bottle the brewers at Voodoo were inspired by the Primus song and brewed a beer in honor of it.  I love the label on this with women (Wynona I assume) mounted on a big brown beaver riding it…cool!

This Brown Ale was indeed a very dark brown which was nice but it didn’t have any head which isn’t so nice.  I need to learn how to pour a beer…I think my lack of skills impacts the head quite a bit.  There were some nice roasted and nut like aromas coming from the glass.  It had a nice semi sweet flavor with hints of coffee and chocolate.  There was a bit of bitterness here mostly towards the end of the sip and lingering on in the aftertaste. The mouthfeel was a bit on the thin side with a bunch of carbonation.  It was very easy to drink the bomber.

This beer was solid.  It was pretty tasty and smelled good.  I wouldn’t hesitate in picking this up again.  And what better way to finish this off than to quote Primus one more time.

“Wynona loved her big brown beaver and she stroked him all the time.”

Rating: B

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