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Vermonster by Rock Art Brewery

Out for dinner to our favorite Thai place usually means a quick run into the liquor store next to it.  The label drew me to this particular beer with Kokopelli depicted on it.  The deity of fertility, Kokopelli, reminds me of the vacation I spent with my wife in Sedona, AZ a number of years back.  Good times.  With a goofy smile on my face, I grabbed the bottle, paid for it, and joined my wife next door at our favorite Thai restaurant.

Beer #76 is Vermonster by Rock Art Brewery.  Rock Art Brewery hails from Vermont and brews the Vermonster in the style of an American Barleywine.  The ABV comes in at a hefty 10% along with an IBU of 100…can you say strong and bitter?

Into the restaurant mug it went with a dark brown color with a tiny head that didn’t last.  The nose was lots of hops (pine scent) and a bunch of caramel malts.  I took a sip and was rewarded with the some nice sweet malted goodness followed by quite a lot of hoppy bitterness.  I also got some dark fruits (maybe cherries?) that I didn’t pick up in the nose.  Mouthfeel was a bit heavy and sticky with some nice carbonation.  It was a sipper for sure as I could feel the alcohol content as I was drinking  it.

I’m still warming up to Barleywines.  While not my favorite style, I think I’m starting to appreciate them more and more.   I like their hoppy bitter bite but the sweet thick maltiness sometimes doesn’t sit with me all that well.  That being said, this beer was OK.  I don’t think it was the perfect beer for our Thai dinner as it was a bit thick but I did notice it cut the heat of the spicy food better than the glass of water did.

Rating: C

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