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Stranger by Left Hand Brewing Company

As I sit and compose this blog, the rain is coming down gently.  And in the distance I can hear the local church bells playing a very relaxing song that I know I know but I can’t quite put my finger on.  That in combination with the light rain, to me, is very soothing.

Beer #248 is Stranger by Left Hand Brewing Company.  From the Rocky Mountain State of Colorado comes this American Pale Ale with an ABV of 5%.

The color of this beer was a clear amber with orange tones to it.  It had a skinny off-white head.  The nose was quite subdued, there was just a hint of citrus, more orange than anything else and a touch of herbal and grass notes.  The taste was pretty simplistic, citrus hops up front with a bit of caramel malts bringing up the rear.  It had a medium feel to the body and was well carbonated.

This was a decent brew.  Compared to the last two days, it seemed rather ordinary.  I wouldn’t pass it up but then again I wouldn’t go seeking it out.

Rating: C

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