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A Saison Darkly by Stillwater Artisanal Ales

What better way to waste away a rainy Sunday then to race Ferraris, McLarens, Paganis, & other supercars in the virtual world of Ibiza and Oahu.  Welcome to Test Drive 2 Unlimited.  Oh yeah…and drink some good beer too.

Beer #98 is A Saison Darkly by Stillwater Artisanal Ales from Baltimore, Maryland.  This Saison or Farmhouse Ale has an ABV of 8%.

It poured a deep dark black with a head that went to the top of the tulip glass.  The nose was very light with a spicy pepper like aroma being the most noticeable.  I also got a bit of dark roasted malts and that familiar Belgian yeast aroma but again, the nose overall was very mild.  I took a sip and was greeted with a spicy almost fruity flavor followed by the dark roasted malts finishing off with a touch of alcohol.  This was a medium bodied drink with a healthy dose of carbonation.  It was a fairly easy brew to drink but the 8% ABV was there waiting in the wings ready to sneak up and bite you if you indulge too quickly.

This was a decent brew but I’m still searching for a Saison to knock my socks off.  Will I find it in the next 267 brews?  Stayed tune to find out.  Now back to racing exotic expensive supercars around the island of Ibiza and Oahu and if you are there, and hear my horn beeping away…get the heck out of the way or the King shall smoke thee.

Rating: B

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