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Stella Artois by Stella Artois

On of my favorite local restaurants, O’Connors, closed in late August.  It was really nice because we could walk to it and it had good food.  For a few weeks there has been a sign out in front of it advertising the Stage House Tavern coming soon.  Well, it looks like tonight it was finally open.  I told the wife to stop cooking, take off the apron, and doll herself up, we are going out.  Off to the Stage House Tavern we went.

The draft selection was not good (Bud, Miller, Guinness, etc.) but they had something I haven’t had before, Stella Artois.  So I ordered one up to go with my sea scallop dinner.

Beer #87 is Stella Artois by Stella Artois.  Stella is brewed in Belgium.  It is brewed in the style of a Euro Pale Lager with an ABV of 5%

To the table it came in a standard pint glass (shame I didn’t have my Stella glass I got from Cavie, http://cavalierbeer.wordpress.com/ ) looking pale and yellow and very clear.  There was a small white head atop this beer.  I lifted the glass to my nose and didn’t get much of anything.  There was a very, and I mean very faint aroma of grass and grains and a slight skunky smell.  Not good I thought to myself as I raised the glass to take a sip.  The taste was very bland with a slight bread or grain flavor.  The mouthfeel was very light with not all that much carbonation.  As far as drinkability goes, it was as easy to drink this as it is to drink water.

This is a very blah beer.  There was not much to it, no complexity and very bland tasting.  That being said, it wasn’t the worst beer I have ever had it just doesn’t compare to 77 (not going to count the beers in the Peasant Fare rating pool) of the other beers I have had.  I wouldn’t recommend this, there are just so many other good beers out there to drink and enjoy.  On a better note, dinner and dessert were absolutely delicious.  Looks like the Stage House Tavern just might be able to fill the shoes of the old O’Connors.

Rating: D


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