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Small Patch Pumkin Harvest Ale by Tommyknocker Brewery

Another day, another Pumpkin Ale.  Beer #285 is Small Patch Pumkin Harvest Ale by Tommyknocker Brewery from Idaho Springs, Colorado.  Their version of a Pumpkin Ale has an ABV of 5% and the IBUs are even on the label coming in at 15, which means a beer low in bitterness.

You have probably noticed multiple uses of my Cowboys pint glass, and today was no exception.  Into said glass went this dark brown brew with no head.  The nose was more molasses than pumpkin but you still could pick out the pumpkin, even know it was a bit faint.  There was a bit of nutmeg also in the aroma.  This was one of the better Pumpkin Ales nose wise I have had.  It was quite malty tasting with roasted caramel and a bit of sweetness from the molasses making up a big part of the flavor.  This had more of a raw pumpkin flavor mid drink with a nice earthy thing going on.  It finished with a slight nutmeg flavor and it left an odd aftertaste.  Not horrible…just odd.  The carbonation was quite low, the body was medium and it was a tad bit creamy.

This was a decent Pumpkin Ale.  I would have liked it a bit more sweeter but overall…not too shabby.  One thing I did like about this was that it reminded me of fall…which seems like it is coming on ever so quickly.

Rating: B

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