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Whiteout Wit by Anchorage Brewing Company

It was a lovely fall day so we took a hike through Six Mile Run Reservoir.  This is normally where I ride my Salsa but I wasn’t sure if the trails we would be OK after the snow we had a week ago.  They were indeed OK and it was quite lovely walking through the woods.  It was a much different experience then riding through at a much higher rate of speed.  It was very relaxing.

When I got home, I decided to pop open beer #342, Whiteout Wit by Anchorage Brewing Company.  Another beer and probably my last from Alaska, this Witbier has an ABV of 6.5%.

It poured a pale yellow or gold with quite the large foamy white head.  My first thought on smelling it was it had a sour smell to it.  Wheat was the other thing I smelled along with wood (makes sense…this was aged in oak barrels).  The taste is more of that sourness with some lemon..with a bit of the bitterness like you get from chewing on the lemon peel.  It had a bready flavor to it along with a buttery, almost wine like thing going on.  The body was between light and medium and the carbonation fairly low.  It was quite easy to drink.

This was an odd bird for me.  It was quite unique with some of the qualities more like a white wine than beer.  At times, I thought I was drinking a lightly carbonated wine.  I’m not quite sure I liked this all that much…my wife enjoyed it much more than I did.  Ehh…send it to the peasants.

Rating: D

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Mokah by Southern Tier Brewing Company

I’m a biking fool lately…thoroughly addicted I am to the trail, my bike (Salsa El Maricahi), the sounds of nature, and the solitude.  Oh yeah…the speed one can get going down inclines is quite thrilling also.  I happened on a hawk or possibly an owl in my riding today that had an unfortunate victim (rabbit?) in its talons as it flew skyward.  Another 16 miles at my favorite place to ride, Six Mile Run Reservoir, made me a happy camper.

Beer #316 is Mokah by Southern Tier Brewing Company.  I have been looking forward to this American Double Stout or Imperial Stout brewed in Lakewood, New York for quite some time.  The ABV clocks in at a heavy 11.2%.

Mokah poured black with a very thin brown head.  The nose was fantastic…chocolate and coffee and cocoa.  It smelled like hot chocolate or more like a mocha coffee drink…yum!  It tasted exactly like it smelled with the coffee and the chocolate mixing together very nicely.  There was a bit of vanilla mingling in with some nice roasted malty flavors.  It reminded me of how I like my mocha coffee drinks, not overly sweet with a nice bitter cocoa/chocolate flavor.  It had an excellent aftertaste of cocoa powder…damn good.  It had a heavier body but not really thick.  It was quite smooth and creamy with lower amount of carbonation.  I thought the alcohol was hidden fairly well for such a high ABV brew.

I loved this…it was quite delicious!  Coffee and chocolate lovers should seek this out.  This is by far my favorite Southern Tier brew I have had so far!

Rating: A+

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Bock Beer by Lakefront Brewery Inc

It is amazing what a difference a week makes. At this time last week, we were getting hammered by Hurricane Irene.  Today I decided to strap on the spandex shorts (with baggy shorts over them…no…I’m not one of those), don the bike helmet, fill up the CamelBak, and hit the local trails with my Salsa El Mariachi.  Six Mile Run Reservoir (funny thing is that there is no reservoir here) was in fine form other than a few blown down trees.  They are nothing a chainsaw can’t make short work of.  Cheers to the gents over at Halters Cycles (www.halterscycles.com) who organize trail maintenance to keep this awesome park open for biking and hiking.

After putting in 12.55 miles of fun tongue sticking out single track, it was time for beer #281, Bock Beer by Lakefront Brewery Inc from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Brewed in the style of a Bock, this beer has an ABV of 6.7%.

Into my Stella glass went this iced tea colored brew.  The head was amazing, huge and tan colored.  I dipped my nose in the glass and was greeted with lots of toasted caramel malts, slightly sweet.  There wasn’t any hop component that I could pick up on but I did get a slight boozy aroma.  The taste was much sweeter than the nose led me to believe.  The toasted caramel malts were the star here…and they were quite sweet.  There was also a dark fruit thing, like raisins, along with a nutty thing going on here.  The nutty thing came on at the finish and into the aftertaste.  This was quite smooth and creamy with low carbonation.  It had a medium body.

This was a solid beer.  If you like Bocks, give this one a try.

Rating: B

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Perpetual IPA by Troegs Brewing Company

Ninety nine bottles of beer left in the blog…ninety nine bottles of beer…take one down…well you know the rest.  After breaking in my new ride with a 20 mile ride today (only 6 were on twisty single track…the rest on the old canal tow path) I was quite thirsty.  I stopped by the local liquor store and picked up something from Troegs Brewing Company I have never seen or had before.  Beer #266 is Perpetual IPA by Troegs Brewing Company from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  This American Double IPA has an ABV of 7.5%.

Into my Troegs pint glass this went and the color was a clear deep golden yellow.  The head was white and was quite massive.  It left excellent lacing behind on the glass.  The nose was heavy with citrus (orange), a bit of pineapple & herbs.  It started off very bitter in the taste, which I love,  and then mellowed out into orange flavors and near the back end, sweet bready malts.  It finished very bitter again and a bit dry.  It had a medium body, was nicely carbonated, and was a bit creamy.

IPAs & DIPAs still continue to be my favorites styles of beer.  This was no exception.  I enjoyed this quite a bit as I did my new Salsa El Mariachi.  Troegs is one fine Pennsylvania craft brewer and I’m very glad I live in an area where I can enjoy their beers.

Rating: A

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120 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head

Today is another milestone on my journey to drink 365 beers…beer #265.  That means there are only 100 beers left to go…hooray for me!  It is all downhill from this point on.

Beer #265 was 120 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head.  I have wanted to try this beer for quite some time and I finally got around to trying it in none other than Delaware which is where this American Double IPA or Imperial IPA is brewed.  I found it on draft at BBC Tavern & Grill in Greenville, Delaware.  We had to kill some time waiting for my new bike to be built (at Garrison’s Cyclery)…so eating a delicious burger (cooked medium) and a beer seemed liked a great idea…and it was!

120 Minute IPA is very strong with a listed ABV of 15 to 20%.  The waiter thought it may have been around 17.5%.

It came out in a glass quite a bit smaller than a typical pint glass (the other smaller glass in the photo was a sample of Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA) with a clear amber color and a small off-white head.  The nose was very interesting…very herby on first whiff.  I thought I smelled basil and I had my wife smell it and she got the same herby basil like aroma.  I also got alcohol, honey, sweet caramel malts, grass, and an orange like scent.  There was a lot going on here in the nose.  I took a sip and the the alcohol hit me first.  It then got sweet, fruity (oranges and even some apples) and syrupy.  All throughout was that spicy herb presence that I could best equate to basil.  It finished off with a nice alcohol warming sensation.  It was very heavy, syrupy, sticky, and very smooth.  The carbonation was really quite low.  It was a sipping beer for sure and at times it felt more like I was drinking liquor.  I think we sat at the restaurant for an hour and twenty minutes before I finished the glass.  That wasn’t because I didn’t like it but I had to test ride a bike and drive home for two hours.  If I would have drank that any quicker, I would have been useless for the rest of the day and my wife would have been pissed.

Overall I enjoyed this immensely but one in a session is more than enough.  It had a nice range of flavors with the basil being quite unique and even with the high alcohol content, those flavors still shined through…to me it was quite delicious.  I am glad I had the opportunity to try this as I hear it is in a very limited release.  I even here there are places where this high ABV brew is not legal…interesting.  If you have the chance, I say try it but be warned…it is expensive and is not for everyone.

Oh yeah…for the bike geeks out there…I picked up a 2011 Salsa El Mariachi.  Cheers to Garrsion’s for being patient with me and being very helpful.  I highly recommended this bike shop and in the home of no tax shopping to boot…it was a win-win situation!  I can’t wait to get it on dirt and just ride…morning can’t come soon enough…

Rating: A+

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Southern Hemisphere Harvest by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

I spent a good part of the day researching and dreaming of a new bike.  My current one has a crack in the frame.  I have a few choices in mind, a 2009 Haro Mary SS and a 2011 Salsa El Mariachi.  Both are single speed mountain bikes (multiple speeds are for the weak) with the Salsa being quite a bit more money that the Haro.  Decisions, decisions…might as well mull it over a brew.

Beer #263 is Southern Hemisphere Harvest by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company from Chico, California.  This is a straight up American IPA with an ABV of 6.7%.  Interesting here to note is the hops used in this brew are all grown in the southern hemisphere.

It poured a nice amber with a touch of orange in the color.  The head was quite nice, white and fluffy and it left some awesome lacing behind in the glass.  The nose was hoppy but not the citrus I was expecting but more of a grass like aroma.  I took a sip and got  bread mixed with pine and grass.  There was a very nice bitterness here that lasted all the way through into the aftertaste.  It had a nice medium body and a bunch of stinging carbonation.

This was another very nice beer that I enjoyed quite a bit.  Now back to dreaming about bikes…

Rating: B+

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