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Belgian Freeze by River Horse Brewing Company

Wow…my next to last beer on this journey.  Not really sure what to say next so lets get to the beer itself.

Beer #364 is Belgian Freeze by River Horse Brewing Company from Lambertville, New Jersey.  This Belgian Dark Ale has an ABV of 8%.

It poured a cloudy dark amber, it reminded me a lot of iced tea.  The head was an off-white about one finger width in size.  The nose was pretty light with cloves, a Belgian yeasty thing, banana and a bit of caramel.  It had the flavors of bananas, some brown sugar, was a bit nutty, bready and decently bitter.  It had a spiced (ginger snap like?) aftertaste.  The body was medium, it was very well carbonated and the alcohol was hidden nicely.

All in all it was an OK brew.  I didn’t hate it nor did I think it was outstanding.  I think I will let the Jesters in my court have this.  There are far better brews I would rather drink…time to break open a Left Hand Fade To Black…yum!!!

An now I’m a bit sad…just knowing tomorrow is the last day of this long journey. I am also glad in a way it is coming to an end.  I can finally have my evenings after work back to do whatever I choose.  Oh well…until tomorrow…

And then there was 1…

Rating: C

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Hop Hazard by River Horse Brewing Company

From Philly we find ourselves just slightly north back in to the old Garden State, New Jersey.  Lambertville is the town and River Horse Brewing Company provides us with beer #344, Hop Hazard.  This is an American Pale Ale with an ABV of 6.5%.

I actually have a River Horse glass for the pour and into that glass went a dark, murky amber colored brew with just a small off-white head.  The nose was a decent mix of caramel malts and a hoppy pine scent and an aroma very similar to tea…odd.  It tasted just like it smelled with the addition of a bit of white grapefruit both in flavor and bitterness.  I thought the hops were a bit more noticeable in the flavor…the pine in particular…than the malts.  The carbonation was average in this medium bodied brew.  It was a fairly smooth beer that I finished really quick.

This was a solid beer from River Horse and one more beer for me in the long line towards 365.

Rating: B

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Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin by River Horse Brewing Company

Earthquake day here on the east coast.  A 5.9 quake centered in Virginia was felt as far away as New Hampshire from reports.  I was at work (on my lunch break tinkering with my new bike) at the time and I didn’t feel a thing.  My co-workers said it lasted for about 30 seconds and the building was doing some odd things.  Again…I felt nothing.  Deep down inside, I wanted to feel it…but no such luck.  Oh well…maybe next time but to be quite honest, I’m not sure I want a next time.  At least I got out of work early.

On my way home I stopped at the liquor store and noticed quite a few brewers have their Pumpkin Ales ready for purchase.  So I decided to try one.  Beer #268 is Hipp-O-Lantern Imperial Pumpkin by River Horse Brewing Company from Lambertville, New Jersey.  This Pumpkin Ale has an ABV of 8.1%

Into my River Horse pint glass I poured.  I was greeted by a nice dark amber brew with one finger width cream colored head.  The nose was kind of lame.  I love just about everything pumpkin and all I really got from the nose was brown sugar.  Where is the pumpkin and nutmeg (or any spice for that matter)…I guess I was hoping this would smell like liquid pumpkin pie.  A deeper whiff also revealed an alcohol presence.  I took a sip and the taste that stuck out most was caramel.  The alcohol also made an appearance.  It wasn’t a horrible tasting beer by any stretch but I think if you gave it to me without me knowing it was a Pumpkin Ale, I would be hard pressed to identify it as such.  The body was nice, it had a medium feel with the carbonation on the low side making this quite creamy.

I was disappointed, I wanted pumpkin but didn’t get it and for that alone, I say give it to the peasants!

Rating: D

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Hop-A-Lot-Amus by River Horse Brewing Company

Why is it that an HP Proliant DL380 G3 server has to way like 100 pounds?  OK, it may not actually weigh that much but it sure seems that way after moving and installing one today.  I’m quite proud of it as it is my “baby”.  It is the first one I have built and tweaked to my work places standards.  I think I will celebrate…with a beer of course.

Beer #242 is Hop-A-Lot-Amus by River Horse Brewing Company from Lambertville, New Jersey.  They brew this American Double IPA with an ABV of 8.5%.  River Horse just might be the closest craft brewer to me…check that…it may be Triumph in Princeton.  Oh well…lets get tasting.

Into my River Horse pint glass this went and it had a nice hazy orange amber color to it with a nice thick off white head (fantastic lacing did it leave behind).  The nose was a bit muted with a grapefruit juice type aroma being the most noticeable.  Couple that with a bit of grass and a faint hint of pine and you have the workings of an American Double IPA but I wasn’t getting a whole lot of malty goodness that I thought I would be picking up on.  It was pretty solid taste wise with the pine hop flavors up front and then mid drink the sweetness of the caramel malts took over. It had a nice bitterness, it wasn’t in your face over the top bitter, just very pleasant.  The body was bordering on being heavy, almost sticky, with a moderate amount of carbonation.  It had a creaminess to it that I really like…and it coated the mouth.  The ABV snuck up on me and before I knew it, I was feeling quite happy.  🙂

Very nice beer and I think one of the better ones from River Horse, if not their best that I have tasted.  Shame it couldn’t reach that Kingly promised land but the nose for me knocked it down a peg or two.  Either way, if you dig Double IPAs, I think you would like this.

Rating: B+

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Summer Blond by River Horse Brewing Company

There was a time when I enjoyed this beer quite a lot but as times change, so does my taste for different styles of beer.  Summer Blonde, beer #169, by River Horse Brewing Company is an American Blonde Ale (ABV of 4.5%) brewed on the banks of the Delaware River in Lambertville, New Jersey.  It used to be a pretty regular staple I would enjoy a few years ago but man how times have changed.

This hazy pale yellow beer with the smallest of white head had the aroma of grain…and that was it.  No matter how much I swirled or took deeper and deeper whiffs…grain was all I got.  Think bread.  There was just a tad bit of a lemony and grassy flavor here.  It was surprisingly more bitter than I remember and was also very crisp.  It left an odd aftertaste also that I can’t really describe.  It was a thin bodied brew with lots of prickly carbonation.  As far as drinkability it was quite easy but for me…one and done…probably forever.

I know they say everyone loves a blonde (at least I think they say that) but this was one blonde I didn’t love and could easily forget.

Rating: D

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Tripel Horse by River Horse Brewing Company

Another day, another beer, another beer from NJ.  I think I will make this the week of Jersey brews.

Beer #101 is Tripel Horse by River Horse Brewing Company.  River Horse brews in Lambertville, NJ near the banks of the Delaware River.  This is a Tripel and it is the first I have had on my 365.  The ABV comes in at a nice round 10%

A hazy amber with hints of orange with no head whatsoever stared back at me from my Duvel tulip glass.  The nose was cloves, banana, & lemon with a nice Belgian spiciness mixed in.  It really did taste like I thought it would from the smell.  The fruity spiciness hits you first followed by a touch of alcohol and finishing off dry and bitter with a slightly fruity aftertaste.  There was a bunch of lively carbonation dancing on the tongue of this medium bodied brew.  The alcohol was hidden really well and to me this was very drinkable.

A very nice beer indeed.  It just may be my favorite from River Horse.  It makes me yearn for those nice summer days where after a long bike ride on the canal towpath in Lambertville and New Hope we drop by River Horse for an after ride sampler of their brews.  Good times indeed!

Rating: B+

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