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Rigor Mortis Abt by Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel

Interesting name for beer #253, Rigor Mortis.  Brewed in Quebec, Canada, this Quadrupel has a hefty ABV of 10.5%.  It mentions on the label that is it best enjoyed six months after bottling but I couldn’t find a date on it.

Into my Orlando Brewing pint glass went this murky brown brew.  Sitting pretty on top was a nice tan head.  Lets give the old Rigor Mortis a whiff…shall we?  The first thing I pick up on was the heavy presence of alcohol with raisins, brown sugar, grapes, and dark roasted malts.  I took a sip…it had a dark fruity sweetness up front that morphed very quickly into chocolate & caramel.  The alcohol comes into play near the back end of this with a nice warming sensation as I swallowed it.  It had a chocolaty aftertaste also which was nice.  It was medium bodied, lower in the carbonation department with a nice smooth, almost coating sensation.  For me it was a sipper due to the higher ABV.

Not too shabby.  A solid brew from our neighbor (at least if you are in the United States) to the north.  A bit much for the warmer summer months but would be very nice in the winter.  It is always winter in Canada…isn’t it?

Rating: B


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