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Double IPA by Stoudt's Brewing Company

TGIF…and boy do I feel like I could use a weekend right about now.

Beer #320 is Double IPA by Stoudt’s Brewing Company brewed in Adamstown in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania.  This American DIPA or Imperial IPA has large ABV of 10%.

I like the ANTMO style of doing the review…so I will continue.

Apperance – Cloudy orange amber with a slight off-white head.

Nose – Big & malty caramel struck me first.  Pineapple juice, honey, herbs & alcohol make up  the rest of the aromas.

Taste – Nice and sweet with pineapple juice like flavor up front.  Then it gets malty with the sweetness of the caramel.  It had a pleasant bitterness…not too much or too little.  There was a very slight alcohol taste that got a bit stronger as it warmed up.

Mouthfeel – Fairly heavy body, a bit thick & a bit syrupy.  Very smooth with it being a bit under carbonated.  The ABV is hidden nicely.

Overall – A very good DIPA.  Not the best I have had but I enjoyed it.  I liked the more noticeable pineapple flavor…it was quite the change of pace from the typical grapefruit.

Rating: B+

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