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Pikeland Pils by Sly Fox Brewing Company

Beer #115 comes from Royersford, PA in the from of  German Pilsner.  That beer is Pikeland Pils by Sly Fox Brewing Company and has an ABV of  4.9%.

Into my Lenox pilsner glass went this hazy golden brew.  This was another beer with a huge fluffy white head, it did dissipate fairly quickly but it left in its wake some nice lacing on the glass.  The nose was very subdued and consisted of a bit of lemon, floral hops, a little bit-o-honey, and some grass.  The taste followed the nose (actually more lemon than anything else) and finished off on the bitter side.  It was very crisp, had a medium body, and some very fine carbonation.  It was real easy to drink and was kind of refreshing.

This was a middle of the road beer for me.  Not horrible and nothing to write home about.  A King, such as myself, deserves better.

Rating: C


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