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Kilty Pleasure by Philadelphia Brewing Company

It as been a while since I have had a brew from beer #245’s brewer, Philadelphia Brewing Company.  That beer was #64, Fleur De Lehigh and it was a bad experience being the beer was actually spoiled.  Lets hope today’s beer, and I’m sure I won’t have a repeat experience, is better.

Kilty Pleasure is today’s beer of choice and it brewed in the style of a Scotch Ale or  Wee Heavy.  The ABV of this traditional Scottish brew comes in at a hefty 8%.

The color was a dark brown with a nice red tint to it when it was held up to the light.  It had a nice sized mocha colored head.  The nose was slightly sweet with caramel malts, brown sugar, and  molasses.  At times I thought I got an aroma similar to the raw dough from chocolate chip cookies.  This was a malty flavored brew with a hint of smoke.  Caramel and a bit of vanilla lead off in the taste being just slightly sweet.   That slight smokiness and a raisin-like flavor come in to play near the back end of the mouthful.  There was just a hint of bitterness in the medium bodied beer.  The carbonation was on the lower side.  The ABV was hidden well here.

This was a solid beer from the city of brotherly love…unless you are a Cowboys fan.  Cheers!

Rating: B

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Fleur De Lehigh by Philadelphia Brewing Company

Today, myself and a friend from work decided that it was about time we try home brewing for ourselves.  We visited a local home brew shop, purchased a starter kit and bragged to all who would listen that our home brewed beer will be the finest in all the land.  Will it be?  Only time will tell.  I just hope it won’t be anything like todays beer.

Beer #64 is Fleur De Lehigh by Philadelphia Brewing Company.  A Belgian Pale Ale with an ABV 4.5%…sounded good but oh how things can go south in a hurry…or in this case a pour.

My first indication something was wrong was in the pour.  I could have sworn that there were quite a few chunky particles being released into the glass.  Sure enough when I held it up to the light, swirling around were a bunch of chunks of I don’t know what.  Some were the size of salt crystals, big salt crystals… similar to the sea salt you may find on a table at a restaurant.  If you look close in the photo above, you can see the particles.  The color was a murky gold color.  The nose was absolutely horrible.  The aromas were sour, acetic, vinegar…obviously a beer that has gone bad.  I took a few sips, very unpleasant.  This one went right down the drain.  This was another first for me…I have never had a beer that has gone bad.

I won’t give a rating since it would be unfair to rate a spoiled or bad beer.

To keep the 365 going I had a brew by Magic Hat, Blind Faith.  It was getting late so I will give my opinions of that one (I have another in the fridge) later in the week.

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