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Sunset Wheat by Jacob Leinenkugel / Penn Weizen by Pennsylvania Brewing Company

Super Bowl Sunday brings a special edition of my 365.  I will be predicting the winner of Super Bowl 45 by having a beer from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  After you read this, go ahead and call your bookie and you too will be a winner like myself,KingBob.

Beer #70A is Sunset Wheat by Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, hailing from Wisconsin.  Sunset Wheat will be representing the Green Bay Packers.  Beer #70B is Penn Weizen by Pennsylvania Brewing Company, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA.  Penn Weizen will be representing the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Penn Weizen is a Hefeweizen with an ABV of 4% and Sunset Wheat is a Witbier with an ABV of 4.9%

In the first quarter, appearance, Penn Weizen(Steelers) scored a quick touchdown as it had a beautiful yellow orange color.  Sunset Wheat(Packers) had a dull orange color.  Both were cloudy.  Both had lots of nice carbonation bubble rising to the top.  The head was thicker and fluffier on the Sunset Wheat(Packers) and it lasted quite a bit longer.  Neither had any lacing to speak of.  As the quarter wound down, Sunset Wheat(Packers) kicked a field goal.  At the end of the first quarter, Penn Weizen(Steelers) 7 and Sunset Wheat(Packers) 3.

In the second quarter, nose,  Sunset Wheat(Packers) scored on an interception return for a touchdown with a nice fragrant nose.  I was able to pick out blueberries, some floral notes, & citrus (orange).  Penn Weizen(Steelers) put up a touchdown on a long pass down the sideline with a nice nose of bananas, cloves, and a bready malt aroma.  As time ran out in the quarter and the Black Eyed Peas were getting ready to take the stage, the score was Penn Weizen(Steelers) 14 and Sunset Wheat(Packers) 10.

The third quarter, taste, was tightly contested.  Both beers tasted like they smelled.  Sunset Wheat(Packers) scored a touchdown with a more subdued taste with some nice orange and wheat flavors and a bit of that blueberry I picked up in the nose.  Penn Weizen(Steelers) put up a touchdown and a field goal with those bready malts, spiciness, and cloves most noticeable in the taste.  Third quarter done, Penn Weizen(Steelers) 24 and Sunset Wheat(Packers) 17.

The fourth quarter, mouthfeel/drinkabiliy, was dominated by Sunset Wheat(Packers) (came all the way back to tie the game) as they scored two touchdowns (one on a long pass and the other an interception) with a creamier, smoother beer which was quite easy to drink.  Penn Weizen(Steelers) scored a touchdown (long run up the middle) and a field goal with time expiring in the game.  Penn Weizen(Steelers) was a bit harsher on the tongue with much more carbonation, it just isn’t as easy to drink as Sunset Wheat(Packers).  As time expired, the final score was Penn Weizen(Steelers) 34 and Sunset Wheat(Packers) 31.

There you go…my Super Bowl prediction…Steelers 34 and the Packers 31.  Lock it up.  No need to watch the game now I guess.

Both of these were decent beers.  My wife prefered the Sunset Wheat, I prefered the Penn Weizen.


Sunset Wheat: B


Penn Weizen: B+

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