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Rumble IPA by Great Divide Brewing Company

I’m sitting on my back deck out in the fresh air of a near 70 degree day in…late November???  Wait…what???  Yep…that is correct…near 70 degrees is the temperature today so I figured why not enjoy beer #363, Rumble IPA by Great Divide Brewing Company, outside.

Rumble IPA is brewed in Denver, Coloroado and is an American IPA with an ABV of 7.1%.  Of note here is according to the label, this is an IPA that is oak aged…I love me some oak.

I broke out my Starr Hill glass for the pour.  The color of Rumble was an amber with orange highlights to it.  It had a nice off-white head.  The nose was very light almost to the point of it not really smelling like anything…odd.  If anything, I got more of a malty, caramel like aroma and maybe a bit of an herbal smell, again all of that was very faint.  Where was the citrus, where was the hops???  The taste was very subdued with a bit of pine and a bit of just a tad sweet caramel malts.  It had an herbal almost vegetable like flavor near the back end.  Very strange.  The bitterness was fairly light in the medium bodied brew and the carbonation was fairly low.

I’m not sure what I was expecting here but I really didn’t get this.  I didn’t get any aromas or flavors of the oak aging…none of that nice woodsy vanilla buttery smooth flavor.  This wasn’t horrible…I just didn’t think it was all that good.

And then there were 2…

Rating: D

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Hopivore by New Holland Breweing Company

I am feeling better today and the Dallas Cowboys are winning and winning big…good day indeed.

Beer #350 is Hopivore by New Holland Breweing Company.  This American Pale Ale is brewed in Holland, Michigan and has an ABV of 6%.  According to the label, this is brewed with Michigan grown hops and they are used wet-hopped…which means they are added fresh and not dried.  Interesting…

Appearance – Amber color with hints of red when held up to the light.  The head was tiny and white.

Nose – OK…I know I’m coming off of being sick but I couldn’t smell much of anything other than the faintest aroma of malts..caramel possibly?

Taste – Again…pretty much nothing.  There was maybe a bit of a bitter pine flavor but other than that there was nothing distinguishable here.

Mouthfeel – A bit north of light in the body with a low amount of carbonation.

Overall – Horrible…there was nothing here that would make me recommend this to anyone.  Skip this.

And then there were 15…

Rating: F

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Whiteout Wit by Anchorage Brewing Company

It was a lovely fall day so we took a hike through Six Mile Run Reservoir.  This is normally where I ride my Salsa but I wasn’t sure if the trails we would be OK after the snow we had a week ago.  They were indeed OK and it was quite lovely walking through the woods.  It was a much different experience then riding through at a much higher rate of speed.  It was very relaxing.

When I got home, I decided to pop open beer #342, Whiteout Wit by Anchorage Brewing Company.  Another beer and probably my last from Alaska, this Witbier has an ABV of 6.5%.

It poured a pale yellow or gold with quite the large foamy white head.  My first thought on smelling it was it had a sour smell to it.  Wheat was the other thing I smelled along with wood (makes sense…this was aged in oak barrels).  The taste is more of that sourness with some lemon..with a bit of the bitterness like you get from chewing on the lemon peel.  It had a bready flavor to it along with a buttery, almost wine like thing going on.  The body was between light and medium and the carbonation fairly low.  It was quite easy to drink.

This was an odd bird for me.  It was quite unique with some of the qualities more like a white wine than beer.  At times, I thought I was drinking a lightly carbonated wine.  I’m not quite sure I liked this all that much…my wife enjoyed it much more than I did.  Ehh…send it to the peasants.

Rating: D

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UFO by Harpoon Brewery

Sunday…in October.  Football, mountain biking, beer drinking…is there anything else?  Funny thing happened to me as I was drinking today’s beer.  I was outside lubing and cleaning my bike when I went to take another sip of beer.  I looked into my glass and there was a bee.  Apparently  he was thirsty.  I had only had half of the beer at that point and the rest, with the bee, went flying onto the lawn.  So what was the beer the bee decided to share with me?

Beer #329 is UFO by Harpoon Brewery from Massachusetts.  Brewed in a little town you may have heard of, Boston, this American Pale Wheat Ale (at least that is how BeerAdvocate classifies it even know it says Hefeweizen on it) has an ABV of 5.1%

Appearance – Cloudy pale yellow or gold with a decent white head.

Nose – Kind of faint smelling with a bit of citrus and maybe a bit of that wheat smell.

Taste – A bit of banana with a lemon citrus flavor and that was about it…pretty simplistic.

Mouthfeel – The body rested between light and medium.  There was quite a bit of tight, prickly carbonation.  It had kind of a crispness to it.

Overall – Bleh…nothing to see here…move along.  I hope the bee enjoyed this more than I did.

Rating: D

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Never Summer Ale by Boulder Beer Company

Beer #325, only 40 more to go, is Never Summer Ale by Boulder Beer Company from Boulder, Colorado.  This Winter Warmer (I know…it is only autumn) has an ABV of 5.94%.

Appearance – Clear amber with a reddish tone with a off-white head.

Nose – Caramel malts, toasted bread…nothing else.

Taste – Very much like the nose…caramel and toast with a bit of a spicy, peppery flavor and pine hop thing near the back end.

Mouthfeel – Medium body, light carbonation, slight bitterness.

Overall – For a Winter Warmer…it didn’t warm me up at all.  I was expecting a bit more spice here and a bit more alcohol presence…something to remind me of winter and keep me warm on those long cold New Jersey winter nights.

Rating: D

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Allegheny Pale Ale by Pennsylvania Brewing Company

For nights I’m not feeling it…like tonight, I will be going back to a blogging style I used briefly.  I call it the ANTMO style.  Appearance, Nose, Taste, Mouthfeel, & Overall.

Beer #319 is Allegheny Pale Ale by Pennsylvania Brewing Company.  Another brewed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this American Pale Ale has an ABV of 5.6%.

Appearance – Amber color, no head..boo, hiss, boo.

Nose – What nose?  Very little scent of grass or possibly hay.

Taste – Oh…there is the malts but they are very underwhelming with a bready flavor.  Hops kick in the with a citrus orange rind like flavor and bitterness.  Funky aftertaste I couldn’t place.

Mouthfeel – Medium body, decent carbonation, a bit smooth.

Overall – Ehh…this did absolutely nothing for me.  Below average, forgettable but not truly horrible.  I finished it…I guess that is a good thing.

Rating: D

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Reserve Ale BBA Porter by Cricket Hill Brewing Company

You know…it has been almost 5 days since I hinted that Ms. sex-pot Scarlett Johansson should give me a ringie ding ding.  I have yet to hear from you…I’m not really sure why.  I am a King after all, I have the #1 blog all across the land (well maybe not), and I am drop dead gorgeous.  Just ask anyone…

Anyways…what a beautiful October day it was and there is more of the same for tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday.  If you didn’t get out today and you live in NJ, NY, PA, etc…shame on you.  Over to New Hope we ventured for a ride on the canal then I had my wife drop me off at Six Mile Run Reservoir and I rode some sweet singletrack there and to top it off…I pedaled my ass home on the roads(boo).  All in all…another 21 miles today and with the 20 I did yesterday…my ass is sore.  So what better thing to do then sit at my PC and blog about another beer.  I think I need a pillow on this chair…and maybe for my loving wife to spread some A&D ointment all over my buttocks…

Beer #314  is Reserve Ale BBA Porter by Cricket Hill Brewing Company from Fairfield, New Jersey.  They brew this American Porter with an ABV of 6.7%.  The BBA in the name stands for bourbon barrel aged and the Reserve means that these are special beers Cricket Hill brews.  They only brew 4 Reserve Ales a year.  I have another lined up for tomorrow, an American Brown Ale.

This beer poured a dark brown, it could have been black.  The head was light brown and quite large and very fizzy.  The nose was very woodsy with loads of vanilla.  Did I mention this was aged in bourbon barrels?  Well it was and it smelled like bourbon/scotch/whiskey.   Take your pick for they all kind of smell similar to me but then again…I’m not a connoisseur of those types of alcohol.  It tasted exactly like it smelled with the inclusion of a bit of chocolate.  It had a very slight burnt ending to it.  It was a bit thin body wise for my liking for an American Porter and was quite harsh mouthfeel wise with a nice amount of stinging carbonation.  Even know it smelled quite like the alcohol bomb…that was not really the case.

For me…this didn’t work as an American Porter.  I just didn’t dig this at all.   It was more like a bourbon flavored beer.  I like a coffee flavor in my porters but this had none of it and it was just a bit too thin.  Lets hope tomorrows from Cricket Hill is better.

Oh yeah…I am really contemplating doing another mountain bike ride tomorrow at Nockamixon in Pennsylvania.  They are having their grand opening of their newly cut trails.  Free food, free drink, and awesome riding.  I’m there…I just hope my derriere can take it…

Rating: D

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