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Pumpkin Ale by Smuttynose Brewing Company

How about another Pumpkin Ale for beer #286?  Well…want one or not, that is what I have on tap for today.  Pumpkin Ale from Smuttynose Brewing Company is brewed in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Their version of a Pumpkin Ale has an ABV of 6%.

Well, it started off good…it had a nice amber color with a touch of orange.  The white head was OK and it left some excellent lacing.  The nose smelled like vegetables.  I didn’t detect any pumpkin in the nose, although since I did get a very generic vegetable smell, maybe that was the pumpkin?  But I thought pumpkin was a fruit?  Ahh…what do I know, either way it didn’t smell like pumpkin at all.  There was a faint, and I mean faint aroma of nutmeg here also.  The taste opened with the nutmeg like spices and then was dominated by caramel malts.  There was a quite pine like flavor and bitterness near the end of the sip that lasted well into the aftertaste.  It had a medium body and was low in carbonation.

As a Pumpkin Ale, it was not all that great.  If  I’m going to drink a Pumpkin Ale, I want it to taste pumpkin.  My wife took a sip and she had no idea it was a Pumpkin Ale until I told her so…even then I don’t think she believed me.  That being said, it wasn’t a horrible beer.  I liked the spices and the bitterness and flavor of the hops but it will get no higher than a Jester Juice rating from me.

Rating: C

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Robust Porter by Smuttynose Brewing Company

TGIF…’nuff said!

Beer #138 is Robust Porter by Smuttynose Brewing Company.  From the Live Free or Die State of New Hampshire comes this American Porter.  The ABV of this brew is a nice 5.7%.

Look at that nice really deep dark brown color topped by a thin tan head.  Roasted aromas abound in the nose.  Coffee and chocolate…yum!  I knew I was going to like this just from the nose alone.  What you smell here is what you get in the taste.  It starts off with deep dark roasted coffee goodness, followed by something slightly sweet (caramel?), and ends with a nice bitter (must be the hops) chocolate ending.  Mouthfeel was nice and creamy bordering on being thick…but in a good way.  It had a decent amount of carbonation.  Highly drinkable…more so as it warms up to room temperature.  I wanted more of this but I only had the one…darn.  Maybe a quick trip to the liquor store after will be in order.

This was an excellent porter.  Very satisfying and delicious with a nice balance of flavors.  I have to say it is the best American Porter I have had so far.  It has been a long time since I handed out one of these…but what the heck…

Rating: A+

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