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Double Stout Black Ale by Green Flash Brewing Company

Wow…driving home from work tonight and I saw a house with Christmas decorations setup and lit up.  Really?  It isn’t even Thanksgiving yet…

Beer #351 is Double Stout Black Ale by Green Flash Brewing Company from San Diego, California.  This American Double/Imperial Stout has an ABV of 8.8%.

Appearance – The color of night…black.  The head was huge and creamy and light brown.

Nose – Dark chocolate, dark roasted coffee, vanilla and a bit of smoke.

Taste – It starts off bittersweet with dark chocolate.  It had a nice dark roast, slightly sweetened coffee flavor towards the back end…almost like a bitter mocha coffee drink from Starbucks.  There was a very subtle burnt or smoky thing here also…but it was really in the background.  The ABV was hidden very nicely here.

Mouthfeel – Medium bodied, light carbonation, & quite smooth.

Overall – This was very nice.  With dark chocolate being my favorite of all chocolates and my love of coffee, this was right up my alley.

And then there were 14…

Rating: B+


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Mokah by Southern Tier Brewing Company

I’m a biking fool lately…thoroughly addicted I am to the trail, my bike (Salsa El Maricahi), the sounds of nature, and the solitude.  Oh yeah…the speed one can get going down inclines is quite thrilling also.  I happened on a hawk or possibly an owl in my riding today that had an unfortunate victim (rabbit?) in its talons as it flew skyward.  Another 16 miles at my favorite place to ride, Six Mile Run Reservoir, made me a happy camper.

Beer #316 is Mokah by Southern Tier Brewing Company.  I have been looking forward to this American Double Stout or Imperial Stout brewed in Lakewood, New York for quite some time.  The ABV clocks in at a heavy 11.2%.

Mokah poured black with a very thin brown head.  The nose was fantastic…chocolate and coffee and cocoa.  It smelled like hot chocolate or more like a mocha coffee drink…yum!  It tasted exactly like it smelled with the coffee and the chocolate mixing together very nicely.  There was a bit of vanilla mingling in with some nice roasted malty flavors.  It reminded me of how I like my mocha coffee drinks, not overly sweet with a nice bitter cocoa/chocolate flavor.  It had an excellent aftertaste of cocoa powder…damn good.  It had a heavier body but not really thick.  It was quite smooth and creamy with lower amount of carbonation.  I thought the alcohol was hidden fairly well for such a high ABV brew.

I loved this…it was quite delicious!  Coffee and chocolate lovers should seek this out.  This is by far my favorite Southern Tier brew I have had so far!

Rating: A+

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Coffee Stout by Long Trail Brewing Company

Lets head to Vermont for beer #146, Coffee Stout by Long Trail Brewing Company.  This American Double Stout/Imperial Stout is part of their Brewmaster Series.  The ABV clocks in at 8%.

Black was the color…how much more black?  The answer is none more black (props if you know what classic movie that is from…).  No head…damn, though I may have poured it too gently.  Coffee, coffee, and more coffee in the nose.  There was a smell very similar to coffee grounds after a good cup has been brewed.  I also got a bit of alcohol.  Again, the coffee was upfront (with just a hint of chocolate…reminded me of a mocha from Starbucks) in the taste along with some roasted malt flavors and a bit of caramel.  There was a nice smoky, slightly bitter finish to this.  This wasn’t as creamy as I was expecting (a bit on the harsh side) and not nearly as heavy as the appearance leads one to believe.

What we have here is an excellent beer.  Coffee fanatics (which I am) would absolutely love this.  I just wish it was more creamy and had a bit more of those chocolate hints to the taste.

Rating: A

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