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Road Dog Porter by Flying Dog Brewery

Today is Veterans Day in the United States…make sure you let any veterans you may know how much you appreciate the sacrifice they have made to keep this great country of ours free.   It is because of them you and I can enjoy the liberties and freedom we enjoy every day of our lives.

This is also Nigel Tufnel Day (The Nigel Tufnel Day Appreciation Society and Quilting Bee in Favor of Declaring & Observing November 11, 2011 as Nigel Tufnel Day (in Recognition of Its Maximum Elevenness), legendary guitarist from Spinal Tap.  If you haven’t seen This Is Spinal Tap…do so.  It is one of the funniest movies you will ever see…you have my word on that.

Unfortunately, I am quite under the weather today.  Lots of congestion and just feeling plain yucky.  So I will not review beer #348, Road Dog Porter by Flying Dog Brewery, since I can’t smell or taste much of anything.  In the spirit of the 365, I will drink it though.

Here is to hoping I feel better tomorrow.

And I will leave you with one of the most famous quotes of all time “These go to 11.”

And there were 17…

Rating: n/a

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Dogtoberfest Marzen by Flying Dog Brewery

As a Cowboy fan, I wanted to choke Tony Romo last night but I figured why bother, he will choke on his own…which he did.  Oh well…on to beer #288.

Dogtoberfest Marzen by Flying Dog Brewery is my brew of the day.  Brewed in the style of an Oktoberfest or a Marzen in Frederick, Maryland, this brew has an ABV of 5.6%.  This is just about the right time for this type of beer as Oktoberfest (a famous German festival) is just about ready to begin.  Get out those drinking mugs and lederhosen.

Dogtoberfest poured a nice amber color with a touch of red to it.  It had a thin white head.  The nose was caramel malts and an aroma of something similar to those old butterscotch hard candies I still like to this day.  It tasted mostly of caramel and had a bit of an apple taste towards the middle and back end.  It had a nice slight bitterness towards the end also.  The body was somewhere between medium and light and it had a moderate amount of stinging carbonation.

This was a nice brew that was quite easy to drink.  It was a solid beer that would make any Oktoberfest celebration quite enjoyable.

Rating: B

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Woody Creek White by Flying Dog Brewery

Yankees (yeah baby!) vs. the Red Sox (boo)…battle for first place in the American League East.  Good stuff…even better if the Red Sox go home with their tails between their legs.  Lets go Yankees!!!  Time to watch and crack open a beer.

Beer #191 is Woody Creek White by Flying Dog Brewery from Frederick, Maryland.

Stats – Witbier with an ABV of 4.8%
Appearance – Hazy yellow with hints of orange with a small white head
Nose – Citrus, lemon mostly with a bit of orange, herb spiciness, wheat, grains, farm-like…possibly wet hay
Taste – Lemon up front, the spice is there too (coriander according to the bottle), a orange peel bitterness near the end, funky almost sour aftertaste
Mouthfeel – Light body, crisp, moderate carbonation

This was an easy drinking beer, very light in both the flavors and the nose.  A decent Witbier that the wife liked more than I did.  Ahh but what does she know being a Queen and all…Kings know best…don’t they?

Rating: C

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Loose Cannon Hop3 IPA by Clipper City Brewing Company

Beer #166 is Loose Cannon Hop3 IPA by Clipper City Brewing Company.  This American IPA from Baltimore, MD has an ABV of 7.25%.  The Hop3 stands for hop cubed and according to their website they use over 3 lbs. of hops per barrel and it is hopped 3 times, in the kettle, in the hop back, and dry hopped.  Sounds good to me!

This beer had the color of honey and a head the width of a finger and a half. The nose was very light…there were some herbal aromas and a bit of pine. The taste was dominated by hops with pine being the biggest flavors.  There was something fruity here also…like peach or apricot.  I didn’t get a whole lot of malts.  It was nice and bitter, which I like and that bitterness carried on into the aftertaste.  The body was almost heavy sort of syrupy with the carbonation on the low side.  For me a lover of bitter, I found this quite drinkable.  It quenched my thirst after doing quite a bit of yard work.

I liked this.  It was a nice IPA but for me me it was missing those lovely citrus aromas and flavors I’m used to in an American IPA.  Still…overall a fine beer indeed.

Rating: B

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A Saison Darkly by Stillwater Artisanal Ales

What better way to waste away a rainy Sunday then to race Ferraris, McLarens, Paganis, & other supercars in the virtual world of Ibiza and Oahu.  Welcome to Test Drive 2 Unlimited.  Oh yeah…and drink some good beer too.

Beer #98 is A Saison Darkly by Stillwater Artisanal Ales from Baltimore, Maryland.  This Saison or Farmhouse Ale has an ABV of 8%.

It poured a deep dark black with a head that went to the top of the tulip glass.  The nose was very light with a spicy pepper like aroma being the most noticeable.  I also got a bit of dark roasted malts and that familiar Belgian yeast aroma but again, the nose overall was very mild.  I took a sip and was greeted with a spicy almost fruity flavor followed by the dark roasted malts finishing off with a touch of alcohol.  This was a medium bodied drink with a healthy dose of carbonation.  It was a fairly easy brew to drink but the 8% ABV was there waiting in the wings ready to sneak up and bite you if you indulge too quickly.

This was a decent brew but I’m still searching for a Saison to knock my socks off.  Will I find it in the next 267 brews?  Stayed tune to find out.  Now back to racing exotic expensive supercars around the island of Ibiza and Oahu and if you are there, and hear my horn beeping away…get the heck out of the way or the King shall smoke thee.

Rating: B

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