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Imperial Red Ale by Epic Brewing Company

It has been 4 days since I mentioned anything about the Yankees as a follower of this blog, Bill, has pointed out.  I really didn’t think I needed to.  They got beat…plain and simple.  I personally think they had a fine season anyways.  No one expected them to finish with 97 wins (including me) with the like of Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon as two of their starting five pitchers let alone win the American League East.  That was reserved for the Red Sox…and we all saw how that worked out.  I have been a fan for a long long time…way before their current run that started in the mid 90’s.  With the money they generate and can spend, they will back…as Craig Carton says ” you can la la lock it up!”.

Beer #317 is Imperial Red Ale by Epic Brewing Company from Salt Lake City, Utah.  This American Amber or Red Ale has an ABV of 7.8%.  It is part of Epics Exponential Series…from their website “Epic’s special line of ales and lagers for the accomplished consumer or the ever-curious.”  OK…now I’m curious.

This beer poured a reddish brown with a thin off-white head.  The nose was very malty with a big caramel aroma.  I also got a nice hoppy smell with a bit of pine and citrus.  Soap…yep…there was a bit of a soapy smell also.  It started off in the taste with those caramel malts…a bit of the toasted side.  About mid mouthful, pine takes over and then it finishes with a white grapefruit flavor and bitterness.  The aftertaste was that of bread.  It had a nice mouthfeel, the body was north of medium but not quite heavy.  It bordered on being a bit stick and syrupy.  It had a decent amount of carbonation but it still managed to be a bit creamy.

This was quite tasty and I enjoyed it to the bitter end…as I did the Yankees season.  Oh yeah…hey A-Rod, Swish, and Tex…take a few notes from what Jorge (Georgie) Posada did in the playoffs this year. If this was his last year as a Yankee…he went out shining like a star.  Cheers to Jorge!!!  Now, how many days before pitchers and catchers report?

Rating: B+

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La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue

I took a look up into the sky today and was amazed by what I saw…a yellow globe radiating heat and light.  Interesting…rumor on the street was that the globe was the sun.  Seems like forever since it has shown itself here in good old New Jersey.  Why not celebrate with some good food (Thai) and a beer.  That beer, #174, is La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue and is a Tripel with an ABV 9%. This beer is from Canada and brewed in Chambly, Quebec.  I do believe this is my first beer in the 365 from Canada.  Sweet!

Sorry for the root beer style mug this went into, but it was all the Thai restaurant we went to has for boozer like myself.  They are BYOB which is a good thing.  The color of La Fin Du Monde was kind of a hazy golden yellow.  It had a nice frothy white head.  The nose was really, really nice…apples, spiciness similar to pepper, flowery, banana, a bit of orange, and a slight grain bread like aroma.  I took a taste before the spicy Thai food got to work on me.  One word…delicious!  Lot of stuff going on here in the taste but for me it all started with an apple like taste.  Lots of  other fruit  (citrus, possibly peach, banana, pineapple) abound here along with a spiciness such as clove and pepper.  The mouthfeel from the carbonation made it very bubbly and prickly.  It had a medium body.  Highly drinkable in part because of how it tasted  but also because for a 9% ABV beer…that alcohol was virtually undetectable…until after the bottle was gone, then I felt it and the wife had to drive home from the restaurant.

Absolutely fantastic beer that is one of the best I have had.  I highly recommend you give a try.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  I wasn’t and as I typed this last line, Tex (Mark Teixeira) just went deep for the Yanks with El Capitan on base (Derek Jeter) off of some hobo from Flushing, New York (Flushing…really…a town with a toilet reference…guess it is appropriate for the Mets) giving the Yanks the lead.  Yeah baby!

Rating: A+

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