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Lilja's Heifer Weizen by Sand Creek Brewing Company

I will be breaking out my New York Yankees glass for the next few beers in honor of The Captain, #2, Derek Jeter.  As I type this he has just gotten hit #2994, just 6 shy of 3000.  I hope he gets it in the last 4 games of this home stand instead of on the road.

Beer #197 is Lilja’s Heifer Weizen by Sand Creek Brewing Company from Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

Stats – Hefeweizen with an ABV of 5.3%.
Appearance –  Hazy pale golden yellow with a frothy one finger width white head.  Excellent lacing did that head leave behind.
Nose – Bananas, slight clove aroma, some grass, spicy.
Taste – Fairly light taste wise, bread, wheat, just a tad bit of sweetness, maybe some lemon, slightly bitter, odd aftertaste.
Mouthfeel – Low carbonation, smooth and creamy, somewhere between light and medium body.

“Brewed behind the cheddar curtain” is printed on the label.  I liked that and the nose but the taste just kind of fell off the cliff for me.  Shame, because up until the taste, this was looking and smelling to be a very good beer.  Not that is tasted bad, it just didn’t live up to the the aroma.

Rating: C

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