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Fade To Black Volume 3 by Left Hand Brewing Company

My next beer, #353, has a cool name, Fade To Black Volume 3.  It is also the name of a great, great song by Metallica (Fade To Black).  Left Hand Brewing Company is the brewer and they brew this Foreign/Export Stout in Colorado in town that goes by the name of Longmont.  The ABV comes in at a nice 8.5%.  This is their 3rd beer in the Fade To Black series.

This sucker poured a black color, none more black, with a nice almost two finger width tan head.  I took a whiff…smelled good with  chocolate and smoke and lots of big roasted malts aromas.  With my mouth starting to water, I took a sip.  Holy crap…there is a hot, spiciness here that caught me off guard.  This had the flavor of something like a piece of dark chocolate infused with habaneros or some other type of spicy chili pepper.  There was also a noticeable dark roasted coffee flavor here too and cocoa…but with a bitterness, not sweet at all.  It had a smoky essence to it also that was quite nice.  I loved how this had that spicy pepper burn in the back of the throat also.  There was no sweetness to speak of and it had a nice dry finish to it.  To be honest, the taste put a big smile on my face…dark chocolate, coffee, some sort of spicy pepper…my kind of drink.  It had a medium body with plenty of stinging carbonation but still had a kind of slickness to it…like oil that is.

This was a fantastic beer.  I love how they incorporated the pepper hotness and spiciness into this and how it wasn’t totally overpowering.  For me, it was highly drinkable.  I am a lover of hot and spicy anything…and if you are too, and love Stouts…give this try!  I want a few more of these…and I want them now…wonder if I can convince my wife to pick up some more for me on her way home from work???  And oh yeah…I was listening to Metallica’s Fade To Black as I was drinking this…and now I have a hankering for Thai food…the hotter the better…oh well…enough of my yackin’…

And then there were 12…

Rating: A+

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Polestar Pilsner by Left Hand Brewing Company

Wow…after today’s beer I will be in the home stretch with just 20 beers to go.  So let us crest that hill and begin that long, fun (hopefully), and fast downhill section (mountain biking reference) towards the finish line.

Beer #345 is Polestar Pilsner by Left Hand Brewing Company brewed in Colorado in the town of Longmont.  Their version of a German Pilsner has an ABV of 5.5%.

This beer had a slightly cloudy golden color to it with just a small white head.  There was some really nice bubble action going in here also…it is kind of cool to stare at.  I took a whiff, the nose was very bready and grassy.  Mix in a bit of citrus…lemon I believe…and there you have it.  It was a bit sweeter than I expected in the taste department.  Malts are upfront with a very grain like and bread like flavor.  Towards the back end was where I found the lemony goodness, much bigger here than in any other German Pilsner I have had.  It had a bit of bitterness and was quite crisp.  The body was smack dab in the middle of light and medium and it had average amounts of carbonation.  This was actually quite smooth and super easy to drink.

This reminded me of summertime…it was quite refreshing and quite good.  I liked it quite a bit…can I say quite anymore?  Oh yeah…Happy Election Day everyone!!!  Get out there and vote…it is your duty as an American citizen (if you are an American citizen that is…if not ignore this) and your right.

Rating: B+

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Stranger by Left Hand Brewing Company

As I sit and compose this blog, the rain is coming down gently.  And in the distance I can hear the local church bells playing a very relaxing song that I know I know but I can’t quite put my finger on.  That in combination with the light rain, to me, is very soothing.

Beer #248 is Stranger by Left Hand Brewing Company.  From the Rocky Mountain State of Colorado comes this American Pale Ale with an ABV of 5%.

The color of this beer was a clear amber with orange tones to it.  It had a skinny off-white head.  The nose was quite subdued, there was just a hint of citrus, more orange than anything else and a touch of herbal and grass notes.  The taste was pretty simplistic, citrus hops up front with a bit of caramel malts bringing up the rear.  It had a medium feel to the body and was well carbonated.

This was a decent brew.  Compared to the last two days, it seemed rather ordinary.  I wouldn’t pass it up but then again I wouldn’t go seeking it out.

Rating: C

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TNT by Left Hand Brewing Company

Beer #244 is TNT by Left Hand Brewing Company from Longmont, Colorado.  This Weizenbock is brewed with lapsang souchong tea with an ABV of 7.9%.  Lapsang souchong tea is Chinese tea where the leaves are smoked over a pinewood fires.  Sounds interesting to me, but I like smoky things.

The color of this brew was a very deep, dark brown.  The head was awesome, huge, fluffy, and light brown.  The nose was smoky and burnt smelling.  Those qualities really took over the aroma in a way that I couldn’t get anything else out of it.  The taste was heavy on the roasted malts with flavors like chocolate and nuts.  There is a sweetness here also, quite like dark fruits.  The smokiness is present in the flavor throughout but not like a Rauchbier, which to me has flavors like smoked meats.  The smoky flavor here is what I think charred wood would taste like if I ever had actually tasted it.  The aftertaste was dominated by those smoky flavors.  The carbonation was quite low in this medium bodied brew giving it a creamy feeling.  The alcohol was hidden very nicely here but that sweetness, almost sickening at times, made it a slower drinking brew for me.

This was a nice beer and I was digging the smoky quality the lapsang souchong tea provided.  Try if you like smoky stuff…stay away if you hate smoky stuff.  It is as simple as that.

Rating: B

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400 Pound Monkey by Left Hand Brewing Company

I heard that the NFL just may settle this little lock-out thing they have going this week.  Thank goodness for I can’t picture the fall with out football and my beloved Dallas Cowboys.  I could debate for hours on “Tony Romo, can he lead us to and actually win a Super Bowl?” with fellow Cowboys fans forever.  I think he could but only time will tell.  So to celebrate, I broke out my Cowboys pint glass I picked up down in Dallas when I toured the now defunct, Texas Stadium.

Beer #232, 400 Pound Monkey by Left Hand Brewing Company from Longmont, Colorado, went into that Cowboys pint glass and it had a clear golden color with just a tiny ring of a white head.  This English IPA with an ABV of 6.7%, had a very light nose of toasted bread…and that was it.  It had a bread like flavor with a bit of a pine mingling in there.  It had a kind of clean sweetness bringing up the rear with a touch of bitterness.  My wife brought me in some pretzel chips as I was tasting this and they mixed together rather well.  The body was medium with a decent amount of carbonation that had this bordering on being almost creamy.

This was a pretty decent beer that I think would go well munching on some salty snacks watching football on a Sunday afternoon.  I know it is a bit early…but…go Cowboys!!!

Rating: B

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Good JuJu by Left Hand Brewing Company

On my nightly walk around the old ‘hood I happened to noticed, according to the GPS app I have on my phone, that I had burned 190 calories.  That got me thinking  that over the course of the first 199 beers, with an average of possibly 250 calories a beer, I have consumed 49750 calories…give or take a few thousand.  Can you say holy crap?  That is like eating 166 slices of pepperoni pizza or 85 Big Macs.  Just some food for thought.  It gives me even more incentive to get out and ride my bike or walk more and for longer distances.

Beer #199 is Good JuJu by Left Hand Brewing Company from Longmont, Colorado.

Stats – Herbed/Spiced Beer with an ABV of 4%.
Appearance – Clear golden yellow with a tiny white head.  There were tons of carbonation bubbles rising to the top, just look at the photo, those bubbles were caught perfectly.
Nose – Ginger, bready malts.
Taste – Pretty much ginger throughout the whole taste profile.
Mouthfeel – Light body, low carbonation, smooth.

This was a unique beer (not sure I have ever had a beer brewed with ginger) that I enjoyed.  I could see myself relaxing on the deck with this after a long day at work.  It was really easy to drink with the low ABV and the smoothness it had.  I like ginger…a lot…so I liked this.  If you are looking for something light and you like ginger…give it a try.

Rating: B

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Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewing Company

The cold has gone the way of the dodo bird…it has left the building.  So why not celebrate with…hmm…what should I celebrate with?  Why a beer of course!

Beer #39 is Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewing Company.  This brew is a Milk/Sweet Stout with an ABV of 6%.  I love the label on this one, the funky cow with all of the left hands on it…good stuff.

Not quite black, more like a very dark brown with a non existent head was staring back at me from my pint glass.  The smell, wow it is so nice to be able to smell again, was sweet and chocolaty with roasted coffee aromas.  I took a sip and was hit by coffee, sweet coffee, with some nice roasted malty flavors.  I didn’t get chocolate like I did on the nose though.  The mouthfeel was smooth and creamy with some nice tight carbonation going on.  The body was neither too heavy nor too light…it was just right!  The aftertaste reminded me of a good cup of black coffee.  To me, this was a very easy beer to drink.  I could easily have had a few more of these.

This is a very good brew…one I will get again…and again…and again!  Good stuff!!!

Rating: B+

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