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TNT by Left Hand Brewing Company

Beer #244 is TNT by Left Hand Brewing Company from Longmont, Colorado.  This Weizenbock is brewed with lapsang souchong tea with an ABV of 7.9%.  Lapsang souchong tea is Chinese tea where the leaves are smoked over a pinewood fires.  Sounds interesting to me, but I like smoky things.

The color of this brew was a very deep, dark brown.  The head was awesome, huge, fluffy, and light brown.  The nose was smoky and burnt smelling.  Those qualities really took over the aroma in a way that I couldn’t get anything else out of it.  The taste was heavy on the roasted malts with flavors like chocolate and nuts.  There is a sweetness here also, quite like dark fruits.  The smokiness is present in the flavor throughout but not like a Rauchbier, which to me has flavors like smoked meats.  The smoky flavor here is what I think charred wood would taste like if I ever had actually tasted it.  The aftertaste was dominated by those smoky flavors.  The carbonation was quite low in this medium bodied brew giving it a creamy feeling.  The alcohol was hidden very nicely here but that sweetness, almost sickening at times, made it a slower drinking brew for me.

This was a nice beer and I was digging the smoky quality the lapsang souchong tea provided.  Try if you like smoky stuff…stay away if you hate smoky stuff.  It is as simple as that.

Rating: B

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