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Horny Blonde by Horny Goat Brewing Company

We did it again…we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on an Imax screen…in 3D.  Absolutely fantastic and immerseive.  So now that I’m back and not at Hogwart’s…I guess I should continue my Horny Goat fest.

Beer #238 is Horny Blonde by Horny Goat Brewing Company.  Brewed in Wisconsin, like all of the other Horny Goat products, this Light Lager has an ABV of 5%.  I have to admit…I have always wanted a Horny Blonde…uh oh…did I really go there?  Forgive me, I just hope today’s Horny Goat is better than the other three.  It couldn’t get much worse, could it?

Horny Blonde had a good start appearance wise with a nice clear golden yellow color.  There were quite a lot of those lovely tiny bubbles (Don Ho?) rising to the top.  There was a just a tiny ring of a white head that actually left some lacing, not the best but it was noticeable.  Here was another Horny Goat product with next to nothing in the nose department…maybe just maybe a very, very faint smell of grains.  There was nothing else.  Those grains showed up in the taste along with a bit of honey and a lemon peel like flavor.  It had a light body and it wasn’t nearly as carbonated as it looked (love those tiny bubbles).

Another clunker from Horny Goat unless ‘lite’ beers are your thing.  I don’t understand the fascination with ‘lite’ beers.  Most aren’t worth the price of admission.  Oh well…only two more Horny Goat brews left in this fest, a Milk Stout and a Vienna Lager.  Stay thirsty my friends… (sorry for the blatant rip off of the Most Interesting Man In The World) !!!

Rating: D

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Terrible by Unibroue

After a week of getting caught back on the Harry Potter movies, today was the day to see the final one, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. In a word…fantastic!  In my humble opinion, it was the best of the Potter movies and one of the best movies I have ever seen.  It had everything from awesome action sequences to bring a tear to your eye moments and everything in between.  Great, great stuff.  It was also an opportunity to take a break from the Horny Goat fest…and seeing how that was going, that was a good thing.  On to beer #237.

That beer is Terrible by Unibroue from Canada.  Terrible is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale with an ABV of 10.4%.  Lets hope Terrible isn’t truly terrible.

Terrible didn’t look terrible at all…it had a nice dark black color with a nice off white head that left some fantastic lacing.  The nose was heavy, malty and sweet.  I picked up some cherries, a bit of apple, alcohol, a smokiness, raisins, and a faint spice…cloves?  The dark fruits take over in the taste (raisins and cherries mostly) with the apples, kind of reminded me of Granny Smith, in the middle.  The booze takes over about mid drink too and it finishes with the cloves that I detected in the nose.  Couple all of that with a sweetness a bit like brown sugar and you have one fine tasting brew.  It had a very dry finish to it along with that boozy burn.  It was on the heavy side body wise with light carbonation…it was kind of creamy.  This was a sipping beer for sure.

This was quite a nice beer that I enjoyed as I was watching Crazy Heart (another good movie BTW) and just relaxing.

Rating: B+

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Belgian Style Wheat Beer by Horny Goat Brewing Company

Beer #234 is Belgian Style Wheat Beer by Horny Goat Brewing Company.  Yep…Horny Goat Brewing Company…as soon as I saw the name of the brewer, I had to pick this up.  It came in a variety 12 pack so for the next few days it will be all about the Horny Goat.  This Witbier is brewed in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and has an ABV of 5.2%.

Into my tulip glass went this hazy golden orange brew.  Just look at that head…oh wait…there was none.  It had a pretty light aroma that reminded me of orange soda…and that was it.  Where was that familiar Belgian style yeasty goodness I’m used to?  Wow…very wheat-y in the taste department with an herb-y flavor near the back end.  I didn’t get any of the orange I smelled in the taste.  The mouthfeel was that of a medium bodied brew with a ton of carbonation that made it a bit on the fizzy side.

Below average but far from horrible.  I have had far better Witbiers…Allagash White FTW! (For The Win)…heck even Sunset Wheat by Leinenkugel is better than this.  Oh well…back to Potter Fest.

Rating: D

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