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Otto Ale by Victory Brewing Company

Back to Pennsylvania I find myself for beer #356.  I have already had 52 (53 if you include tonights) beers from Pennsylvania in this 365, the most from any state.  Otto Ale is my beer of choice for tonight brewed by Victory Brewing Company from Downingtown.  This is classified as a Smoked Beer and has an ABV of 8.1%  Interesting to note here is this Belgian Dubbel styled Smoked Beer was created based on the experiences Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet (co-founders of Victory Brewing Company) had on their trip to Bamberg, Germany in 1987.

Into my new glass, a Long Trail Brewing Company glass that the fine folks at Oak Tree Wine & Spirits (http://www.oaktreebuyrite.com/) gave to me after my purchase there today, went this dark amber brew with a very nice sized thick tan colored head.  The nose was smoky (think camp fire), malty and a bit fruity with raisins and I thought I got a whiff of some grapes.  It started off with a slightly sweet caramel malt flavor that melted off into a lightly smoky flavor similar to Liquid Smoke (if you cooked with this…you know what I mean).  There was a bit of brown sugar here too.  The fruits I picked up on in the nose didn’t really translate in the taste.  It had a medium body and some very fine light carbonation that made this creamy.  The alcohol was hidden very nicely here.

This was an interesting beer.  I really didn’t get the Belgian Dubbel aspect of this but I do find myself really enjoying the smokiness found in this style.  If you dig Smoked Beers or Rauchbiers, give this one a shot.

Cheers again to Oak Tree Wine & Spirits in South Plainfield, New Jersey as they were my go to beer store for the majority of this 365.  I will be visiting them in the future as their selection of beers is really unmatched where I live.  Team that up with a very knowledgeable and friendly staff and the little things like a free Long Trail & Sly Fox glass that will make them my go to beer store for many years to come.

And then there were 9…

Rating: B

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Oktoberfest Beer by Lancaster Brewing Company

I think during the month of September and now the start of October, NJ somehow moved to Seattle.  It seems like everyday we have had rain…very annoying.  I don’t mind the rain but man…enough is enough.

Beer #307 is Oktoberfest Beer by Lancaster Brewing Company.  This is another in my Oktoberfest fest from the home of the Amish…Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Their version of an Oktoberfest or Marzen has an ABV of 6.5%.

Into my Yankee (go Yanks!) glass this went with a nice amber color with no head.  There was quite a lot of tiny little bubbles rising to the top.  The nose was light again with caramel and bread but no grassy hop like aroma from the previous Oktoberfests I have had.  The taste was mostly sweet (slightly) caramel with some bread.  There was a bit of wheat and grains here also.  It had a nice crisp finish to it, moderate carbonation, and medium body.  This was another Oktoberfest that was quite drinkable.  I guess that is the point since anytime I have seen photos of people with a beer in hand at an Oktoberfet in Germany, the glasses are huge.  They are 1 liter or 2.11 pints of beer…yum!!!

This was a decent version of a Marzen.  The version from Brooklyn was better though.  Prost!

Rating: C

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Weihenstephaner Vitus by Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan

After a one and a half hour commute, I was looking forward to beer #299, Weihenstephaner Vitus by Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan.  It almost didn’t happen.  As I opened the bottle, it was like someone shook the bottle up, the beer came rushing out like lava forcefully ejected from a volcano and on to my floor.  I quickly picked up the bottle and was able to save about 3/4 of a tulip glass worth.  Can this night get any better?  I sure hope so.

Weihenstephaner Vitus is brewed in the style of a Weizenbock by the the worlds oldest brewery, Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan, from Germany.  The ABV is 7.7%

What I was able to save was a beautiful cloudy golden amber color.  The fluffy white head was massive.  Excellent nose this one had, cloves and banana along with a nice toasted malty bread and pepper aroma.  There was even a touch of hops in the form of a citrus aroma.  The taste didn’t disappoint, the hops came through with an orange like flavor.  It had a nice spice taste with black pepper and cloves.  It was nice and malty with a bit of caramel and bread…think toast.  I didn’t get the banana I picked up on the nose in the taste though.  Near the back end was a nice smoky burnt flavor.  The body was medium, it was nicely carbonated, and it was quite smooth and creamy.  This was highly drinkable.

This was a fantastic beer.  It had such a nice flavor with everything working together, I guess you could say in harmony and nothing being overpowering.  I have had three beers from Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan and each has been world class.  Do yourself a favor and try them if you see them.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: A+

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Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dark by Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan

Happy First Day Of Summer!!!  May your days be filled with plenty of sunshine and heat.  I love the summer…just call me old Mr. Heat Miser.

“I’m Mister Green Christmas, I’m Mister Sun, I’m Mister Heat Blister, I’m Mister 101.  They call me Heat Miser, What ever I touch, Starts to melt in my clutch, I’m too much!“.  Guess where that came from  and if you do get it…pat yourself on the back.

To celebrate the first day of summer, how about a beer form the world’s oldest brewery?  Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan is that brewery from Germany and they claim they have been brewing in some form since 1040 AD. That is a long, long time ago.  I doubt beer #205, Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dark, is quite that old.  This Dunkelweizen (German dark wheat beer) with ABV 5.3% looked very nice on the pour.  The head went on forever atop this cloudy light brown (it looked a bit like iced tea) brew.  The nose was a nice mixture of wheat, banana, bread and spices.  The spices were cloves for sure.  It tasted really good, all of the things I smelled I could taste along with a nice malty backbone plus a bit of fruit sort of like a melon.  This was smooth and creamy with just a touch of tongue tingling carbonation.  The body was somewhat south of medium but north of light.  It was really refreshing and super easy to drink and enjoyable from the first sip to the last.  I should have picked myself up another or three.

Another excellent brew from Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan.  This is my second from them and both are some of the best beers I have ever had.  If you see this…you should give it a try, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Rating: A

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Moosbacher Schwarze Weisse by Private Landbrauerei Scheuerer

Pretty nice start to the Memorial Day weekend here…summer like temps made me a happy camper.  Time to relax now and enjoy a beer.  That beer, #181, is Moosbacher Schwarze Weisse from Germany brewed by Private Landbrauerei Scheuerer.  Brewed in the style of a Dunkelweizen, this beer has an ABV of 4.7%.

The color was a dark caramel brown.  Sitting atop that brew was a huge frothy white head.  The nose was light…it mostly consisted of a roasted, kind of sweet caramel malts and some wheat.  The taste was a bit odd to me bordering on being fruity and kind of sweet.  The wheat was there along with a bit of a bread like taste all of that finishing almost burnt or smoky.  The body was medium with a ton of carbonation.  It went down really easy.

For me, this was an average beer that I probably won’t remember after this 365 is over.

Rating: C

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Der Weisse Bock by Mahrs Brau

I figured I would have a beer from Germany tonight to toast a friend who has gone on to hopefully bigger and better thing career-wise.  You know who you are…you have proof-read my blog numerous times and for that I’m quite thankful.  Cheers to you!  Good luck in your new job!

Beer #150 is Der Weisse Bock by Mahrs Brau.  This Weizenbock is brewed in Germany and has an ABV of 7.2%.  A Weizenbock is a strong German beer or bock brewed with wheat.

I love Pilsner glasses, so into one went this brew.  I know…it probably isn’t the correct glass…oh well…at least it went into a glass and not a plastic cup.  The color was a dark brown with a decent tan head.  I got a bit of sweet cherry in the nose along with dark roasted slightly burnt malts.  The cherry was a bit odd for me but I was kind of digging it.  It was quite tasty with some dark fruit flavors…it reminded me of raisins…but not quite.  Sweet molasses and wheat flavors rounded this out.  It finished off very smooth.  It had a medium body and some lively carbonation.  The alcohol was hidden really well.

This is my first Weizenbock and I thought this was a pretty good beer.  Plus I loved the label on this…a ram licking a glass of beer.  Not too shabby.

Rating: B

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