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Fade To Black Volume 3 by Left Hand Brewing Company

My next beer, #353, has a cool name, Fade To Black Volume 3.  It is also the name of a great, great song by Metallica (Fade To Black).  Left Hand Brewing Company is the brewer and they brew this Foreign/Export Stout in Colorado in town that goes by the name of Longmont.  The ABV comes in at a nice 8.5%.  This is their 3rd beer in the Fade To Black series.

This sucker poured a black color, none more black, with a nice almost two finger width tan head.  I took a whiff…smelled good with  chocolate and smoke and lots of big roasted malts aromas.  With my mouth starting to water, I took a sip.  Holy crap…there is a hot, spiciness here that caught me off guard.  This had the flavor of something like a piece of dark chocolate infused with habaneros or some other type of spicy chili pepper.  There was also a noticeable dark roasted coffee flavor here too and cocoa…but with a bitterness, not sweet at all.  It had a smoky essence to it also that was quite nice.  I loved how this had that spicy pepper burn in the back of the throat also.  There was no sweetness to speak of and it had a nice dry finish to it.  To be honest, the taste put a big smile on my face…dark chocolate, coffee, some sort of spicy pepper…my kind of drink.  It had a medium body with plenty of stinging carbonation but still had a kind of slickness to it…like oil that is.

This was a fantastic beer.  I love how they incorporated the pepper hotness and spiciness into this and how it wasn’t totally overpowering.  For me, it was highly drinkable.  I am a lover of hot and spicy anything…and if you are too, and love Stouts…give this try!  I want a few more of these…and I want them now…wonder if I can convince my wife to pick up some more for me on her way home from work???  And oh yeah…I was listening to Metallica’s Fade To Black as I was drinking this…and now I have a hankering for Thai food…the hotter the better…oh well…enough of my yackin’…

And then there were 12…

Rating: A+

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Verdi Imperial Stout by Birrificio Del Ducato

Interesting take on a Stout today with the addition of chili peppers…from Italy no less.  How was it?  Read on and find out.

Beer #184 is Verdi Imperial Stout by Birrificio Del Ducato.

Stats – Foreign/Export Stout with an ABV of 8.2% brewed in Italy (another first…my first Italian beer) with chili peppers added in the brewing process
Appearance – Black with a one finger width brownish head
Nose – Dark roasted chocolate malts, a bit smoky
Taste – Chocolate, cocoa, it had chili pepper heat near the back of the sip, reminded me of a dark chocolate candy bar with chili peppers added to it
Mouthfeel – Medium body, low carbonation, fairly smooth

I liked this quite a bit but I love dark chocolate and I love hot & spicy foods.  The heat from the chilis really starts to build up along with the higher ABV.  I think the chilis work well here, not overpowering at all.  A different twist on a Stout.   Quite unlike a beer I had many moons ago, Cave Creek Chili Beer, which was basically a chili pepper in a bottle of beer similar to Corona.  The beer was disgusting and so hot as to be undrinkable.

Rating: B+

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Guinness Foreign Extra Stout by Guinness Ltd.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Even though I don’t have a lick of Irish in me, I have celebrated St. Patty’s Day my whole life.  That usually involves eating corned beef and cabbage and in later years, drinking a nice beer.  So to finish out my Irish beer extravaganza, I will do the same and finish it with a beer from the most recognizable Irish brewer (at least it is to me), Guinness.

Beer #109 is Guinness Foreign Extra Stout by Guinness Ltd.  This Foreign/Export Stout is brewed in Dublin and has an ABV of 7.5%.

This Irish legendary beer poured a very dark brown, probably more like black with a huge tan head.  The nose was full of malts.  I got dark roasted coffee, cocoa, some caramel, a bit of vanilla and something slightly sweet.  It tasted just like it smelled, roasted coffee up front then some semi-sweet malty flavors finishing off with dark chocolate and a nice hop bitterness.  The mouthfeel was nice and creamy, slightly heavy and very well carbonated.  It was very easy for me to drink, I wish I had another or three.

This is the best Guinness I have had but not the best stout I have had.  Guinness Draught is what I think you typically get in bars and what most people think of when they hear Guinness.  This was light years ahead of Guinness Draught, give it a try if you happen to have it available to you.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Happy St. Patty’s Day to all and Slainte!

Rating: B+

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Exit 13 by Flying Fish Brewing Company

76 beers down and not one from the state I live in.  Odd?  Sure is since I’m sure there are plenty of fine brews brewed in NJ.  I’m not really sure why I haven’t had one from NJ yet so I figured why not start today?

Beer #77 is Exit 13 by Flying Fish Brewing Company.  Flying Fish is brewed in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Exit 13 is a Foreign/Export Stout with an ABV of 7.5%.  Chocolate is the name of the day for this brew and that sounds very good to me.  Exit 13 by the way is the exit on the NJ Turnpike for Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was founded in 1665 and was the first capital of NJ along with the original home of what is now Princeton University.

Exit 13 poured a lovely opaque black with a tan head.  I dipped my nose into the tulip glass and man oh man did I get lots of awesome smelling chocolate aromas with a nice amount of roasted malts.  All those chocolate aromas had my mouth watering for a taste.  And taste it I did.  Chocolate flavors, kind of like cocoa and some coffee hit me first followed by a bit of hops and finishing off rather dry and a tad bit smoky.  Quite a bit of carbonation was going in in this slightly heavy bodied beer.  Nice and easy to drink with pleasing, for me anyways (huge chocolate fan here), flavors and the alcohol hidden really well.

This was a very good way for the NJ beers to start.  This was a fine stout infused with chocolate that I liked and would have no issues getting again.

Rating: B+

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Best Extra Stout by Coopers Brewing Limited

A few notes before I get into todays beer, some math.  I have purchased 69 beers and have had 1 given to me as a gift for a total of 70.  I have tasted, including this one, 61, with 9 in reserve for the days ahead.  Total cost for the 70 beers, $328.82.  That is an average of $4.77 a beer.  70 days of beer is just about 20% (19.17% to be exact) of the year.  Take that $328.82 and multiply by 5 and it will cost roughly $1644 for 365 beers.  The most expensive beer was $13.49 and the cheapest was $1.66.  On a side note, I was 159 lbs. when I started 60 beers ago.  Today I weighed in at 162.

Beer #61 is Best Extra Stout by Coopers Brewery Limited.  Coopers is from Australia.  Best Extra Stout is a Foreign/Export Stout with an ABV of 6.30%.  This is my first beer from the Australia…no I have never had a Fosters.

Coopers version of a stout poured black as night with a thin tan head.  Aroma was everything I like in a stout, smoky roasted malts, coffee, and a faint whiff of alcohol.  It tasted just liked it smelled, coffee and malts, maybe just a hint of chocolate.  There was a good deal of carbonation and despite its appearance, it had a body on the light side.  Most people think of stouts as being thick, thick like motor oil.  That type of thinking is so far from the truth, at least with the stouts I have had, that I think it stops them from trying a stout.  I admit I thought like that way back in the beginning of my beer drinking days drinking Coors Light.  Drinkability was high with this beer.  I could have easily enjoyed a few more of these.

What we have here is a solid beer that I think most that enjoy stouts would like.  Good showing from the Land Down Under.  Now give me a Vegemite sandwich!

Rating: B

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Lump of Coal by Ridgeway Brewing

You better watch out, you better not pout, you better mind your p’s and q’s, be good for goodness sakes.  Ah yes, be good for old St. Nick is always watching.  And what if you are a naughty little boy (maybe one who coaches a NY football team and has a thing for feet) or girl?  Well then in your stocking you will find a lump of coal.  Speaking of lumps of coal, beer #25 which hails from jolly old England, is Lump of Coal by Ridgeway Brewing.  Lump of Coal is a Foreign/Export Stout with an ABV of 8%.

Unfortunately, this truly is a lump of coal.  It looked like a stout, color was dark brown that was almost black with a tan head.  I took a whiff and was puzzled by the lack of almost any aroma.  I did get some very faint burnt roasted malty odors but that was about it.  This kind of reminded me of the Guinness aroma that I had last week.  The taste was a bit better with some coffee and a bit of chocolate.  Mouthfeel was on the watery side with just a bit of carbonation.  It is a really easy brew to drink even with the ABV of 8%.  That ABV is hidden really well.

Overall it was a pretty average stout.  This was better than the Guinness I had last week but there are much better stouts out there to be had.  I hope Kris Kringle doesn’t leave me any more of these in my stocking.

Rating: C

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