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The Big Smoke by 8 Wired Brewing Company

When I think of New Zealand, I think of the great locations they used to film the Lord Of The Rings movies.  I also think of Flight Of The Conchords, a very funny show that used to be on HBO.  The main characters, Bret and Jemaine are from New Zealand.  So when I saw my local beer store had a brew from New Zealand, I knew I just had to try it.  I knew it was business time (Flight Of The Conchords reference)!

Beer #117 is that beer and it is named The Big Smoke.  It is brewed by 8 Wired Brewing Company hailing from New Zealand in the style of a Smoked Beer.  The ABV of this is 6.2%.

Black was the color, nonexistent was the head.  The nose consisted of chocolate malts with a hint of smoke.  I have to be honest, on smell alone my mouth was watering.  The taste was strong roasted coffee and dark bitter chocolate with a really nice smokiness going on.  The smokiness followed through in the aftertaste along with a nice chocolate flavor.  It had a body that wasn’t light or medium but somewhere in between.  It was nice and smooth with some moderate carbonation.  Super drinkable to me, I could enjoy this all night long.  I wish I had another bomber or three on hand.

It seems like it has been a long time since I have had a Kingly brew but I’m happy to say this beer was one indeed.  This was a fantastic beer and a great way to finish off the week.  The only thing that held it back slightly for me was that I wish it had a heavier smoky presence.  Still, you can’t go wrong with this porter… it was absolutely delicious and a beer I think  Bret and Jemaine of the Conchords would be proud of.  Murray would also approve.

Rating: A


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