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DreamWeaver Wheat by Troegs Brewing Company

Another day, another beer, another Troegs.

Beer #228, DreamWeaver by Troegs Brewing Company, comes to me from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Brewed in the style of a Hefeweizen, this German style wheat beer has an ABV of 4.8%.

I broke out the Sunshine Pils glass for the pour. The color was a cloudy gold, very similar to pineapple.  There wasn’t much of a head to speak.  The spiciness of the cloves comes through loud and clear in the nose.  As expected for a Hefeweizen, bananas also fill the nose with pleasant aromas along with a decent yeast presence.  It had a nice taste with the bananas, a slight orange citrus thing, and a bit of bubblegum.  There was a bitterness near the back end of the sip that I liked.  It had a medium body with moderate carbonation and a nice crispness to it.

I liked this quite a bit.  Very refreshing and light on the alcohol make this a wonderful summertime brew.

Rating:  B+

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