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Dominion Oak Barrel Stout by Old Dominion Brewing Company

Another day, another stout.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Stouts are one of the most, at least from the people I know, misinterpreted beers around.  Thick, heavy, motor oil-like, etc. are some of the common words used to describe them but that is, at least in my experience, very far from the truth.

Tonights beer, beer #92, is an American Stout.  What separates an American Stout from the Irish or English version you ask?  It is an American Stout because it is brewed in America you silly sausage.  To be honest, I’m not quite sure what separates them but from a little research (Google search) it seems they use American Hops and Malts, add coffee or chocolate to the brewing process and have a hoppier, higher alcohol content.  I’m no expert, so take that for what it is worth but that sounds good to me.

This stout had an ABV of 5.2% and is brewed by Old Dominion Brewing Company from Delaware.  A nice dark brown, almost black liquid was staring back at me as I pondered what exactly an American Stout is.  The typical tan head, two fingers in width, graced this but got smaller by the minute.  I let it warm up to room temperature as I find most beers tend to really open up taste wise and nose wise if they are not super ice cold.  There were some nice aromas of chocolate and vanilla which both carried over to the taste.  The vanilla was a bit stronger in the taste but not overpowering.  I was reminded of cream soda in the taste and the smell.  It finished off sort of like coffee after it gets cold.  It was a bit more carbonated than I was expecting and had an overall medium body to it.  It wasn’t the smoothest stout I have ever had but still was an easy drinking beer for me.

I thought this was a pretty nice stout, certainly better than what I had yesterday.  I wouldn’t turn this down if offered another.  Give it a try if stouts are your thing.  Just don’t believe in all the misconceptions about them as they are more than likely not correct.

Rating: B


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