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My Antonia by Dogfish Head

With the jammed packed crowd at Yankee Stadium chanting “Derek Jeter”, Derek sends a 3 and 2 slider into the left field seats for hit #3000.  Talk about a flair for the dramatic.  To put it into perspective, some 16000+ players have played in the MLB.  Derek is only the 28th player to hit that lofty milestone.  No matter how you cut it…that is pretty damn impressive.  I could go on and on about Jeter, but I do have some beer tasting to do.

The first thing I thought of when I saw beer #223, My Antonia by Dogfish Head, was My Sharona.  Don’t know why that came to my mind but it did.  This is an American Double Pilsner or an Imperial Pilsner which is a new category for me…yeah baby!  The ABV for this beer from Milton, Delaware is sitting pretty at 7.5%.

It poured a hazy pale yellow or gold and had the most lovely frothy white head that left quite possibly the best lacing of any beer I have had so far.  Lacing for the uninitiated is the when the head of a beer clings to the glass.  It can leave some really neat random patterns as it clings.  The nose was full of bread, grains, and lemon with a nice earthy aroma.  The hops really took over in the taste with a grass like flavor up front then it gets malty with those bready flavors.  It finished slightly bitter with a lemony flavor.  The mouthefeel was heavier than I expected and very smooth, almost creamy with a moderate amount of carbonation.  Weird thing about this beer was at times it was smooth and creamy and another sip would find it quite crisp…odd.  With the alcohol hidden nicely, this was nice and drinkable for myself.

I kind of liked this even know I’m not a big Pilsner fan.  It may be my favorite Pilsner style beer I have had so far.

Once again…I raise a glass to the greatest shortstop, and future Hall Of Famer, to ever don the Yankee pinstripes.  Let the chanting begin… “Derek Jeter” “Derek Jeter”….

Rating: B+


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Festina Peche by Dogfish Head

Another lazy hot summer day finds me lounging on my back deck again wondering silently to myself why can’t all weekends be of the three day variety?  As I sit here with my shirt off (calm down now lady’s…), I find myself enjoying another fresh beer from Rehoboth Beach.

That beer, #211, is Festina Peche by Dogfish Head.  From Rehoboth Beach, Delaware comes this Berliner Weissbier with its ABV sitting pretty at 4.5%.  I had no idea what a Berliner Weissbier was so off to Google I went.  It turns out they are regional wheat beers from Northern Germany, in particular Berlin.  They are bottle conditioned and use top fermenting yeast.  Sounds good to me…lets go taste it…shall we?

From the growler into my tulip glass, the Festina Peche had a pale yellow color that was quite cloudy.  There was the tiniest of white heads that quickly disappeared.  The nose was peaches and citrus.  I love peaches and find them a summer staple fruit for myself so I was looking forward to tasting this.  I took a sip…wow…very tart up front and then it got sour for the rest of mouthful.  The sour component was new to me and I found myself enjoying it.  The peach flavor hit me about mid-sip and lasted until swallowed.  It was’t a very strong or sweet peach flavor but there was just enough so I had no mistake what fruit it actually was.  It finished off very clean with no aftertaste whatsoever.  It had a light body, bubbly carbonation, and was very crisp and refreshing.  I thought to myself…there is no way the growler will see the light of day tomorrow.

This was a unique beer for me with the sourness and was very delicious.  It was very easy to drink, the alcohol seemed nonexistent, and was quite refreshing on this hot summer day.  Another fantastic beer from Dogfish head and thanks again to my co-worker who brought this back from Delaware for me!

Rating: A

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Black & Red by Dogfish Head

Imagine my surprise when just the other day I get an email from a co-worker asking “What do I want?” with a picture of a menu.  The menu was from the Dogfish Brewpub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  A big smile came across my face as I was pondering what I should ask her to bring back for me, in a growler of course.  Two options instantly stuck out,  Festina Peche and Black & Red.  Not one to turn down an offer of fresh craft beer, those were the two I asked for my willing co-worker to bring back from the far off lands of Delaware, home of tax free shopping!

Lets pop open the sealed cap of the Dogfish Head growler (1/2 gallons of liquid heaven) for beer #208…shall we?  I went with the Black & Red, which is an American Double or an Imperial Stout brewed by our friends at Dogfish Head in Milton, Delaware although it may be brewed at Rehoboth Beach as  I think they do brew there also.  The ABV clocked in at a lofty 10.5% which made me wonder if Dogfish brews anything on the lighter side alcohol wise?

I broke out my Duvel tulip glass for the pour, went to my backyard deck armed with camera in hand, poured, and snapped a photo or three.  It was black (how much more black could this be?  And the answer is none…none more black) with just a touch of a reddish color when held up to the light.  The head was disappointing (I’m not a fan of a lackluster head…is there anyone who is?), it was just a small tan ring that topped the beer.  Off to take a whiff I went and I was rewarded with an awesome bouquet of mint, chocolate, raspberries, roasted malts, and coffee.  Interestingly enough, for such a high ABV, there was no alcohol aroma to be found.  I took a sip, one word yum!  The raspberries and mint chocolate hit you first and foremost and last throughout the taste profile. Towards the back end of the sip I got some nice roasted malts reminding me of coffee.  Once again, the alcohol did not make itself noticeable in the taste.  So how was the mouthfeel you may ask?  Why it very smooth and creamy.  It was very filling and had low carbonation.  The alcohol finally kicked in after the first glass full even know I took my time with it.  It is going to be one happy time in the old house tonight for sure!

As I sit here with the rain falling gently outside my window and I compose this blog listening to 80’s hair metal (Ratt, Dokken, etc.) cranked to 11 I think to myself, this was absolutely delicious.  It just tasted so damn good with nothing out of place or too overpowering.  I don’t think you can get this anywhere other then the Dogfish Brewpub in Rehoboth Beach…but if you are there…and it is still on tap…give it a go…I’m sure glad I did!

A big Thank You to my fellow co-worker, you know who you are, who was kind enough to bring this back for me.  I raise a glass or three to you!

Have a great weekend all…and to all a good night!

Rating: A+

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Theobroma by Dogfish Head

Another day…another beer.  Lets all have a drink as I slowly approach beer #200 and boy the celebration that will break out all over the world once I do get to #200…I can’t wait and I’m sure you all can’t wait either.

Beer #195 is Theobroma by Dogfish Head from Milton, Delaware.

Stats – Chile Beer with an ABV of 9%.  Interesting to note is that this brew is based on a chemical analysis of pottery fragments found in Honduras.
Appearance –  Cloudy amber-orange with a white head that disappeared real quick.
Nose – Chocolate morsels (the stuff my wife uses to bake chocolate chip cookies), roasted chili peppers, faint alcohol.
Taste – Honey up front, those chocolate morsels take over for the rest of the drink, spicy heat at the end.
Mouthfeel – Medium body, moderate carbonation, fairly smooth.

“Off-centered stuff for off-centered people”…that is the motto of Dogfish Head and sure enough, this beer is pretty off-centered.  It is really cool to think something akin to this might have been used for special occasions around 1200 BC.  That is a hell of a long time ago.  It amazes how much science goes into making beer and the science behind this (chemical analysis of pottery fragments found in Honduras) is truly amazing.  Suffice it to say, for me it was delicious.  I love  the mix of honey and chocolate…thrown in the spicy heat of chili’s…ding, ding, ding…you have a winner to me.  I just wish it wasn’t so expensive at $12.49 a bottle (1 pint 9.4 oz) but then again, I’m not sure how many of these could be enjoyed in a sitting.  To be honest, I’m guessing one.  All in all though…still an excellent beer and quite the change of pace from the everyday ordinary brew.

Rating: A

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Squall IPA by Dogfish Head

Time to take a break and get away from real life for a few days.  Enter the cool little town of Jim Thorpe in Pennsylvania.  Bike riding with my wife, relaxing on the balcony of the Inn at Jim Thorpe, just plain enjoying life…good times.

Beer #193 is Squall IPA by Dogfish Head from Milton, Delaware.

Stats – American DIPA or an Imperial IPA with an ABV of 9%
Appearance –  Amber with a small white head
Nose – Sweet pink grapefruit juice, caramel malts, tropical fruit similar to pineapple
Taste – Caramel malts up front, pine and the fruitiness of the grapefruit hit next, a bit of an alcohol presence with a bitter finish
Mouthfeel – A bit heavy body wise, sort of sticky and syrupy, low carbonation

This was another really nice beer by Sam and company from Dogfish Head.  It was a slow sipper for me as the alcohol was making itself known.  It was pleasant to sip this from the deck of the Inn at Jim Thorpe on a beautiful night.  Cheers!

Rating: B+

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Black & Blue by Dogfish Head

Beer #175 is Black & Blue by Dogfish Head.  This Fruit/Vegetable Beer has a whopping 10% ABV and is brewed with blackberries and blueberry puree.  I love both so I’m looking forward to this.

Into my Duvel glass this went with a nice reddish amber color and a big foamy off white head.  The head looked like it could support the bottle cap…and sure enough…it could.  It had the aromas of light blackberry, alcohol, and blueberries. If you have had a blueberry muffin, you know how this kind of smelled.  As it warmed it had a nose more like wine…just much lighter.  It wasn’t nearly as sweet taste wise as I thought it would be.  The blueberries take over in the taste but I didn’t get a whole lot of blackberry.  The alcohol is also pretty recognizable in the taste and gets more potent as it warms up.  The caramel malts make an appearance also.  It had a hoppy bitterness to it that I liked…not over the top bitter…but a pleasant bitterness.  There was a blueberry muffin like aftertaste that lingered on…and that made me happy.  It was bordering on the heavy side and was slightly syrupy with some heavier carbonation.  This was one to take your time with due to the ABV but also because it is a well crafted beer that I feel should be enjoyed…not just downed as fast as is humanly possible.

Another excellent beer.  Good to the last drop…like Maxwell House…wait…what?

Rating: A

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Palo Santo Marron by Dogfish Head

Happy Easter to any who celebrate today!  And a beautiful Spring day it is…good enough to break out a lawn chair and drink this brew in the great outdoors of my front yard.

Why look who made an appearance into beer #147’s photo, the Easter Bunny. Cute little fellow…no?  Palo Santo Marron by Dogfish Head is an American Brown Ale with a killer ABV of 12%.  It is aged in Palo Santo wood barrels from Paraguay…I have no idea what that is…but sounds interesting to me.

Another dark beer was this…dark brown…almost black.  There was a tan ring around the top that could be considered the head.  Wow…heavy malts from the nose along with molasses.  Strangely for the high alcohol content, there was no indicator of it in the nose.  The taste was again heavy dark roared malts, caramel, a bit of vanilla (stronger as it warmed up), sort of sweet (almost to the point of being sickening), and a smoky presence (must be from the Palo Santo wood).  It had a nice warming sensation from the high alcohol content.  It was a bit on the heavy side coating the mouth and tongue.  It was a sipper for me for sure partly because of the high alcohol but mostly from the peculiar sweetness that doesn’t always sit too well with me (similar to how barleywines affect me).

Not a bad brew…just not one of my favorites from Dogfish.  It was quite enjoyable to drink this outside today on this very beautiful relaxing day.

Rating: B

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