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Reserve Ale American Brown Ale by Cricket Hill Brewing Company

On to beer #315, Reserve Ale American Brown Ale by Cricket Hill Brewing Company.  Their version of an American Brown Ale, brewed in Fairfield, New Jersey, has an ABV of 5.7%.

I poured this outside on this beautiful autumn day.  The color was a clear brown with just a hint of red to it.  The cream colored head was huge and started to overflow the glass.  It left some of the best lacing of any beer I have had.  The nose was a bit light with caramel, a nutty aroma, and some grassy hop scents.  It had a slightly sweet caramel malt taste with a bit of pine from the hops.  There was a bit of a nutty almost earthy flavor also.  To be honest, the flavor was a bit ho-hum.  The body was just south of medium with average carbonation.  It was fairly smooth and almost creamy.

This was better than yesterdays Cricket Hill Reserve series but not by much.  Oh well…enough of sitting in front of the PC…time to get outside an enjoy the day!

Rating: C

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Reserve Ale BBA Porter by Cricket Hill Brewing Company

You know…it has been almost 5 days since I hinted that Ms. sex-pot Scarlett Johansson should give me a ringie ding ding.  I have yet to hear from you…I’m not really sure why.  I am a King after all, I have the #1 blog all across the land (well maybe not), and I am drop dead gorgeous.  Just ask anyone…

Anyways…what a beautiful October day it was and there is more of the same for tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday.  If you didn’t get out today and you live in NJ, NY, PA, etc…shame on you.  Over to New Hope we ventured for a ride on the canal then I had my wife drop me off at Six Mile Run Reservoir and I rode some sweet singletrack there and to top it off…I pedaled my ass home on the roads(boo).  All in all…another 21 miles today and with the 20 I did yesterday…my ass is sore.  So what better thing to do then sit at my PC and blog about another beer.  I think I need a pillow on this chair…and maybe for my loving wife to spread some A&D ointment all over my buttocks…

Beer #314  is Reserve Ale BBA Porter by Cricket Hill Brewing Company from Fairfield, New Jersey.  They brew this American Porter with an ABV of 6.7%.  The BBA in the name stands for bourbon barrel aged and the Reserve means that these are special beers Cricket Hill brews.  They only brew 4 Reserve Ales a year.  I have another lined up for tomorrow, an American Brown Ale.

This beer poured a dark brown, it could have been black.  The head was light brown and quite large and very fizzy.  The nose was very woodsy with loads of vanilla.  Did I mention this was aged in bourbon barrels?  Well it was and it smelled like bourbon/scotch/whiskey.   Take your pick for they all kind of smell similar to me but then again…I’m not a connoisseur of those types of alcohol.  It tasted exactly like it smelled with the inclusion of a bit of chocolate.  It had a very slight burnt ending to it.  It was a bit thin body wise for my liking for an American Porter and was quite harsh mouthfeel wise with a nice amount of stinging carbonation.  Even know it smelled quite like the alcohol bomb…that was not really the case.

For me…this didn’t work as an American Porter.  I just didn’t dig this at all.   It was more like a bourbon flavored beer.  I like a coffee flavor in my porters but this had none of it and it was just a bit too thin.  Lets hope tomorrows from Cricket Hill is better.

Oh yeah…I am really contemplating doing another mountain bike ride tomorrow at Nockamixon in Pennsylvania.  They are having their grand opening of their newly cut trails.  Free food, free drink, and awesome riding.  I’m there…I just hope my derriere can take it…

Rating: D

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Hopnotic India Pale Ale by Cricket Hill Brewing Company

Today is a milestone…this will be my 100th beer since starting this back in November.  I actually didn’t think I would make it this far and once or twice almost decided to stop but always decided against it.  The main reason I have wanted to quit is the blogging.  That can get tedious at times.  The actual drinking is the easy part and I truly enjoy getting the chance to try beers from all around the world…good or bad.

I have also compiled spreadsheets of data and stats on each beer so I remember each one I have had so I don’t repeat.  For the stat junkies out there, in the first 100 beers, I have spent $443.02 with the average price being $4.57 a beer.  As I rate them I also give them a number score and keep that score in a spreadsheet.  The system is as follows:  A+=5, A=4, B+=3.5, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0.  Going by that in the first 100 beers the average rating is 3.04 or just over a B.  There have only been 3 F’s but on the plus side, 12 A+’s.   One other interesting fact, at least to me, is how much weight, if any, I have gained.  I started at 158 lbs and this morning I clocked in at 160.6…a reasonable gain if you ask me.  With the good weather coming around my other passion, mountain biking, should help to keep any further gain in check.  Now off to beer #100.

Beer #100 is a brew from the state I call home, New Jersey.  Hopnotic India Pale Ale is brewed by Cricket Hill Brewing Company.  This English IPA has an ABV of 5.2%.

To the pour we go and a clear amber liquid filled my pint glass.  A white foamy head, about a finger width in size, quickly disappeared but it left some decent lacing in its wake.  The nose was a bit on the weak side with some caramel malts and a grassy, sort of citrus hoppy aroma.  I took a sip and those familiar pine tastes from the hops hit me first.  The malts followed up with a bread or biscuit type flavor.  It finished a bit sweet and a bit bitter.  The mouthfeel was that of a medium bodied drink with a bit of carbonation.  This beer was very easy to drink.

Overall it was a decent showing for my 100th beer.  Not spectacular but also not horrible.  Based on this, I think I will have to try some of Cricket Hills other offerings.  Cheers!  Only 265 more beers to go!

Rating: B

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