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Red Vixen by Horny Goat Brewing Company

All good thing must come to an end.  OK…maybe not everything that comes to an end was good.  Take for instance this Horny Goat fest.  This was down right bad.  So lets finish this fest and move back on to real beer.

Beer #240 is Red Vixen by Horny Goat Brewing Company.  This Vienna Lager brewed once more in Wisconsin, has an ABV of 5.4%.

No red to be found at all in the appearance, nothing but amber and that amber was a bit on the dark side.  Very little head to speak of…so I won’t speak of it.  I should have known, another Horny Goat with next to nothing in the nose department.  OK, maybe just the slightest aroma of bread crust but I’m thinking I might have imagined that.  It had a watery, bread-like flavor and not a good bread at that.  It was much too thin in the body and had a bit of stinging carbonation.  Crap…

Nothing to see here folks…move along.  This was a horrible beer from a horrible craft brewer.  I am happy that the Horny Goat fest is finally over.  With an average somewhere between a D and an F, it would be wise to spend your money elsewhere.

Rating: F

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Exposed by Horny Goat Brewing Company

Wow…100 degrees today in NJ with a heat index of 109. How did that song by Buster Poindexter go???  Hot…Hot…Hot.  So lets refresh ourselves with a beer, beer #236 and #3 in the Horny Brewing Company fest.  It can’t get any worse than the two previous…or can it?

Exposed by Horny Goat Brewing Company from Wisconsin is a Saison or a Farmhouse Ale.  The ABV clocks in right at 4.9%

Exposed had a cloudy pale yellow color with another tiny ring of a white head.  I’m already disappointed.  The nose was very faint with a grain like odor and an even fainter odor of grass.  It didn’t smell like any Saison I have ever had.  There was none of that spiciness or yeast like aromas.  There wasn’t any sweetness or fruitiness…just very faint odors, yep odors, of grains and grass.  I reluctantly took a sip, wheat with maybe, and my mind could have made this up, a touch of lemon.  All of it mingled in too a very bland tasting beer.  There was nothing here that even reminded me of a Saison.  After a few sips to try and find some redeeming qualities, which I found none, I downed it.  That wasn’t an issue because it was very watery and light bodied and had little in the way of carbonation.

Epic fail…the worst Horny Goat I have had yet.  Crap, crap and more crap.  If this was what craft beer was all about, I would stick to water.  I find my well water has more flavor than this did.  I have 3 more Horny Goat brews but with what I have experienced so far…I may have to make a run to the beer store to try something else.

Oh well…stay cool!  Until we meet again…

Rating: F

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