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Belzebuth by Brasserie Grain d' Orge

Vive la France!  I guess that is a hint as to where tonights brew is from…France.

Beer #120 is Belzebuth by Brasserie Grain d’ Orge from France.  They brew Belzebuth in the style of a Belgian Strong Pale Ale and strong it is with an ABV of 13%.  Interesting thing is Belzebuth, among other things (evil things that is), is a long haired spider monkey from South America.

I pulled out a pilsner glass, I know it isn’t the proper glass, but I like the way my Lenox pilsner glasses look.  And I look damn cool drinking from them…weather it is beer or water.  So into it went this brew which was a dark orange or amber color.  It had a small white head.  The nose was sweet, fruits and malts, like a peach or apricot (fruit cocktail in a can is another way to describe the nose).  It smelled thick and syrupy and very boozy.  I took a sip and the sweet fruitiness from the nose is there along with the alcohol.  That alcohol packs quite a punch.  The mouthfeel is on the heavy side and is indeed syrupy.  It coats the tongue and mouth very well.  Tis a sipper for sure.  Even know it was only an 8.4 oz bottle, the alcohol was having its way with me and I was feeling quite jolly halfway through.

I kind of liked this, not as an everyday session type beer but more of a late night, once in a blue moon, kick back and relax sipping drink.  I’m not a drinker of hard liquor (scotch, whiskey, etc.) but I could see myself drinking this as someone would drink them.  I guess you could say it would make a good nightcap.

Rating: B


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