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Benji’s Smoked Chipotle Imperial Porter by Tyranena Brewing Company

A beautiful, albeit windy, day here in NJ as winter is in its final 15 days.  Today was a day for yard work, chainsawing blown down limbs, raking up branches and leaves, and generally getting the yard in shape after the long winter.  Yard work makes me thirsty for beer and considering this is a beer blog…lets grab a cold one!

Beer #97 comes from Wisconsin and the Tyranena Brewing Company.  Let me introduce to you Benji’s Smoked Chipotle Imperial Porter, an American Porter with an ABV of  7.5%.  This is part of Tyranenas Brewers Gone Wild series of beers, a series of big, bold, ballsy beers.  Brewed with chipotle peppers, that’s correct, you read that right, chipotle peppers.  I love peppers of any kind, the spicier the better and I like my porters so lets see how this works out.

Black was the brew with no head whatsoever.  The nose was of dark roasted malts, chocolate, a bit of vanilla, and the smoky spiciness of the pepper.  The smokiness hit me first in the taste followed by the chocolate and finishing up with more of that smoky spiciness of the pepper.  The mouthfeel is silky smooth, almost oily in the way it coats the mouth and tongue.  An easy beer to drink as nothing is overpowering.  The chipotle works well here lending a nice spiciness and smokiness to this porter.

This is another excellent beer.  One I could easily have had more of but alas, one is all I had.

Rating: A

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