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Horizon Red Ale by Summit Brewing Company

House is again full of workers doing their thing making our new hardwood floors look awesome.  I have to say…I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love hardwood floors.  IMHO…such much nicer than the nicest carpet and even better looking knowing that the wood used is from the rarest of tress in the rain forest.  Kidding of course about the rare wood and the rain forest…not about how nice the floors look.

Anyways…on to beer #165.  Horizon Red Ale by Summit Brewing Company from St. Paul, Minnesota.  This American Amber or Red Ale has an ABV of 5.7%.

The pour showed a nice amber colored brew with white head that produced some nice lacing.  The nose was caramel malts and bit of pine from the hops.  The hops were up first in the taste with an orange peel like flavor and bitterness.  The caramel malts followed that with a very slight sweetness.  Oddly enough…there was a bit more hop (more of that orange peel) flavors after the malts to finish out the mouthful.  It had a medium body with quite a bit of carbonation.  Fairly drinkable for me…I’m not a huge fan of Red or Amber Ales.

This was decent…nothing spectacular.  There was a bit more hoppier presence than I anticipated.  For me…it was an average beer.

Rating: C

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Avalanche Ale by Breckenridge Brewery

Colorado…if you have never been there do yourself a favor and go, now, or maybe wait until the summer if that white stuff that covers the ground in winter is not your thing.  Breckenridge was a vacation spot for me a few years ago and I fondly remember all of the good times I had out there.  I had quite a few of todays beer on draft as most every restaurant in Breckenridge had this on tap.  Not unusual as the brewery is in the town itself.

So in memory of that great vacation, let me introduce beer #10, Avalanche Ale by Breckenridge Brewery.  This is classified as an American Amber / Red Ale with an ABV of 4.4%.

I poured this into a pint glass and was rewarded with a clear amber liquid.  The small white head didn’t last long at all and there was no lacing whatsoever.  Dipping my nose into the glass revealed a slightly sweet malty aroma with some caramel and bread like tones.  I took a sip and that bready malty sweetness was there and up front.  There was very little carbonation with a slight, and I mean slight, hoppy finish.  It felt thin in the mouth but was also very smooth.  There was also an aftertaste, not an unpleasant one though, sort of like bread.  And oh I do like my bread!  This is a really easy beer to drink with such a low ABV, many of these could be enjoyed if you so desired.

Nothing really stands out with this beer at all.  Overall I would say it is an average beer at best.

Rating: C

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