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Fegley's Brewworks Blueberry Belch by Allentown Brew Works

Happy Independence Day everyone!  And a big Happy Birthday to the United States of America!  Today is its 235th birthday.  I was going to have a red, white & blue beer today in celebration but just decided on having the blue variety.

Beer #218 is Fegley’s Brewworks Blueberry Belch by Allentown Brew Works from non other than Allentown, Pennsylvania.  This Fruit Beer, with an ABV of 4.2%, will be my “blue” beer.  This is brewed with honest to goodness blueberries and has 150 pounds of that delicious fruit in each 15 barrel batch they brew.  Sounds good to me!

Into my Starr Hill pint glass went this cloudy amber brew.  It had a huge frothy white head that went away far too quickly, almost too fast for me to capture in a photo.  There was no mistaking what fruit was used to brew this with as the nose was blueberries and wheat.  The taste was tart and slightly sweet blueberry but not overpowering.  I felt the wheat and grainy bread flavors where more pronounced.  I have said it before and I will say it again, I really dig these Fruit Beers.  Mouthfeel was nice with a noticeable amount of stinging carbonation and a light body.  This was quite refreshing and I could easily drink quite a few of these on a hot summer day such as this one was.

I really liked this one quite a bit.  If you dig blueberries, give it a try.

So I raise a toast to the good old Untied States of America!  Happy Birthday once again!

Rating: B

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Space Monkey by Allentown Brew Works

Lovely spring day was the order of the day today.  Outside I went to enjoy beer #137, Space Monkey by Allentown Brew Works from Allentown, Pennsylvania.  This is a Saison or Farmhouse Ale with a twist, Raspberry.  The ABV clocks in at 7%.  I love the label on this but then again who doesn’t think monkeys are funny, monkeys in space are even funnier.

Into my Troegs Sunshine Pils went this brew with a yellowish amber color, a bit like honey.  A nice white head topped this but didn’t stick around.  The nose, well it smelled like a raspberry iced tea.  I have drank plenty of raspberry iced teas (both regular and diet) in my time so those aromas are quite familiar to me.  I took a sip and surprisingly I got some Belgian yeast and a bit of bread like malt flavors (didn’t really get any of either in the nose) and then the sweet raspberry took over all the way to the finish.  There was a very similar aftertaste here not quite unlike a raspberry iced tea, just more carbonated.  It was medium bodied, crisp, and nicely carbonated.  Pretty drinkable, but I could see how the sweetness here could turn people off.

A unique beer indeed.  The best way to sum this up is that is was like drinking an alcoholic, carbonated raspberry iced tea.  If you like those, you may like this.  I kind of liked it but I’m not quite sure how many I could enjoy, maybe more on a hot summer day?

Rating: C

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