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2011 Bigfoot Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Off to Chico, California for tonights beer.  Bigfoot Ale, the 2011 edition, by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is beer #178.  This is an American Barleywine with an ABV of 9.6%.  Off to the pour…

There is nothing like a tulip glass to accentuate the head of a beer that has a good one and this was a good one indeed.  That head was off-white and thick sitting on top on the dark reddish amber liquid.  The aroma was thick with the smell of caramel malts and  thick with hops…pine and grapefruit.  Odd for me in that I was liking the nose quite a bit since I’m not a huge Barleywine fan.  I have to say…this smelled really, really good.  I took a sip and those sweet caramel malts jumped out at me right off the bat.  They follow through right until mid mouthful when the hops took over with quite a bit of  bitterness and a big pine like taste.  This was a heavier bodied brew a bit sticky and syrupy…talk about coating the mouth, this does that for sure.  The carbonation was nice…not too little or too much…just right.  I took my time with this, savoring it.  One thing that struck me funny was that the high ABV was hidden really well.

Without a doubt this is my favorite Barleywine.  For me is was super drinkable.  It didn’t have that stomach sickening sweetness I usually get with this style.  The malts and hops mix was just about perfect for my taste.  Fantastic beer indeed.  I may have to get a few of these and store them in the cellar as I hear that is all the rage.

Rating: A+

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