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Whiteout Wit by Anchorage Brewing Company

It was a lovely fall day so we took a hike through Six Mile Run Reservoir.  This is normally where I ride my Salsa but I wasn’t sure if the trails we would be OK after the snow we had a week ago.  They were indeed OK and it was quite lovely walking through the woods.  It was a much different experience then riding through at a much higher rate of speed.  It was very relaxing.

When I got home, I decided to pop open beer #342, Whiteout Wit by Anchorage Brewing Company.  Another beer and probably my last from Alaska, this Witbier has an ABV of 6.5%.

It poured a pale yellow or gold with quite the large foamy white head.  My first thought on smelling it was it had a sour smell to it.  Wheat was the other thing I smelled along with wood (makes sense…this was aged in oak barrels).  The taste is more of that sourness with some lemon..with a bit of the bitterness like you get from chewing on the lemon peel.  It had a bready flavor to it along with a buttery, almost wine like thing going on.  The body was between light and medium and the carbonation fairly low.  It was quite easy to drink.

This was an odd bird for me.  It was quite unique with some of the qualities more like a white wine than beer.  At times, I thought I was drinking a lightly carbonated wine.  I’m not quite sure I liked this all that much…my wife enjoyed it much more than I did.  Ehh…send it to the peasants.

Rating: D

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White Magick of the Sun by Voodoo Brewing Company

Beer #295 is White Magick of the Sun by Voodoo Brewing Company.  This Witbier is brewed in Meadville, Pennsylvania and has an ABV of 6.75%.

It poured a hazy golden color with a generous sized off-white head.  The nose was interesting, citrus and black peppercorn.  It reminded me of the smell I get when I refill our black peppercorn dispenser.  The wheat was there…just a bit muted or probably because the peppercorn was pretty strong.  Orange and cloves kicked off the taste.  The wheat taste is present throughout most of the drink.  The black peppercorn hits near the end and there is also a slight bitterness.  I got a bit of a sour taste also that sprung up near the end also.  It was quite dry.  The body was somewhere between medium and light.  It had plenty of carbonation.

This beer was very spicy.  There was also a flavor here that was bugging me that I couldn’t quite identify…a bit fruity and slightly sweet.  This was solid brew.  If you dig spicy beers, give this a try.

Rating: B

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Partly Sunny by Ithaca Beer Company

The day after Irene brings repairs and cleanup and beer #274, Partly Sunny by Ithaca Beer Company.  Their version of a Witbier has an ABV of 4.9%.

Partly Sunny poured a cloudy pale gold with quite the frothy white head.  The nose was lemon and wheat and spices like coriander and cloves.  Those aromas carry over into the taste with the spices of cloves and coriander followed by a nice almost mouth puckering lemony flavor.  It finished dry and with a nice hoppy bite.  It had a medium-light body with some nice, not overpowering carbonation.  It was quite crisp and refreshing.

I like Witbiers and I liked this version.  This would make a nice summer beer that even non-craft beer drinkers would enjoy.

Rating: B

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Hurricane Irene walloped us with a ton of rain. So much that our basement was flooded with 18″ of water at the high point. We also have no power…but a neighbor was nice enough to let us plug our sump pump into their generator. We shall see how that goes.

In the meantime, I drank beer #273, Double Wit (ABV 7%) by River Horse Brewing Company from Lambertville, New Jersey while standing in freezing cold brown water while emptying out our basement of things I don’t want destroyed.

So no review or picture today but I was able to keep the 365 going by blogging this on my HTC Trophy smartphone.

Lets hope PSE&G gets our power restored soon. Until tomorrow….stay safe and stay dry.

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Belgian Style Wheat Beer by Horny Goat Brewing Company

Beer #234 is Belgian Style Wheat Beer by Horny Goat Brewing Company.  Yep…Horny Goat Brewing Company…as soon as I saw the name of the brewer, I had to pick this up.  It came in a variety 12 pack so for the next few days it will be all about the Horny Goat.  This Witbier is brewed in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and has an ABV of 5.2%.

Into my tulip glass went this hazy golden orange brew.  Just look at that head…oh wait…there was none.  It had a pretty light aroma that reminded me of orange soda…and that was it.  Where was that familiar Belgian style yeasty goodness I’m used to?  Wow…very wheat-y in the taste department with an herb-y flavor near the back end.  I didn’t get any of the orange I smelled in the taste.  The mouthfeel was that of a medium bodied brew with a ton of carbonation that made it a bit on the fizzy side.

Below average but far from horrible.  I have had far better Witbiers…Allagash White FTW! (For The Win)…heck even Sunset Wheat by Leinenkugel is better than this.  Oh well…back to Potter Fest.

Rating: D

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Woody Creek White by Flying Dog Brewery

Yankees (yeah baby!) vs. the Red Sox (boo)…battle for first place in the American League East.  Good stuff…even better if the Red Sox go home with their tails between their legs.  Lets go Yankees!!!  Time to watch and crack open a beer.

Beer #191 is Woody Creek White by Flying Dog Brewery from Frederick, Maryland.

Stats – Witbier with an ABV of 4.8%
Appearance – Hazy yellow with hints of orange with a small white head
Nose – Citrus, lemon mostly with a bit of orange, herb spiciness, wheat, grains, farm-like…possibly wet hay
Taste – Lemon up front, the spice is there too (coriander according to the bottle), a orange peel bitterness near the end, funky almost sour aftertaste
Mouthfeel – Light body, crisp, moderate carbonation

This was an easy drinking beer, very light in both the flavors and the nose.  A decent Witbier that the wife liked more than I did.  Ahh but what does she know being a Queen and all…Kings know best…don’t they?

Rating: C

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Grey Lady Ale by Cisco Brewers Inc.

Beer #180 is Grey Lady Ale by Cisco Brewers Inc.  This is a Witbier with an ABV of 4.5% and hails from the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.  It is named after the island of Nantucket itself which is often referred to as “Grey Lady” due to the fog that often covers the island.

Into my Cape Cod Beer glass this went with a kind of pale hazy golden yellow.  The head was quite small and white.  I took a whiff and got a faint spicy lemony aroma.  The taste was a bit of wheat and the lemon like citrus found in the nose.  There was also a bit of bready malts and quite a bit of a spice of some kind I really couldn’t identify.  It was kind of thin body wise with low carbonation.

This really wasn’t my thing….not horrible just not for me.  It was a bit too lemony and spicy for my taste.

Rating: C

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Boaks Double BW by Boak Beverage

When it rains…it pours, and pours, and pours for what seems like ages now.  I haven’t seen the sun since Saturday and boy is it depressing and so was beer #171, Boaks Double BW by Boak Beverage from Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. This Witbier had an ABV of 4.5% and a supposed Asian flair…at least that is what the Boak Beverage website said.  It describes this as a Belgian Wheat beer with an Asian flair…what?

What it did have was a pale yellow or golden color with a minimal white head. The nose was wheat, faint lemon, and something spicy which I would say is more than likely the Belgian style yeast.  It didn’t smell all that bad.  The taste was kind of sweet up front and then got spicy and had a  kind of lemon zest like taste finishing up a bit dry.  It had a light body and was crisp with a decent amount of carbonation.  I nursed this as I wasn’t really digging the flavors.

This wasn’t my thing.  I still don’t have any idea what the Asian flair is or was in this.  I didn’t get anything Asian in this at all.  I think I’m going to the fridge and pop open a Troegs Nugget Nectar…that always seems to brighten my day.

Rating: D

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Double White Ale by Southampton Publick House

I would like to apologize to Old Man Winter.  I must have offended him the other day when I told him to kiss my ass.  Since then, we have had below average temperatures and even snow for the last two days.  Spring is starting out not so nice.  One good thing about today is the New York Yankees will begin their domination of the American League and the MLB in just one week.  Lets go Yankees!

Beer #116 is Double White Ale by Southampton Publick House from New York.  A Witbier with an ABV of 6.6% would be my beer of choice for this evening.

Into a tulip glass it went and it looked really nice, a hazy golden orange color.  It had very little head to speak of.  Man oh man did this smell like banana with some orange and a yeasty spiciness.  There was also something here I haven’t smelled before in a beer…bubble gum…Bazooka that is.  The citrus comes through in the taste foremost mixed with some spice.  The aftertaste was more of that banana.  The mouthfeel was nice and smooth and almost creamy with a medium body and some light carbonation. Very drinkable…I wanted another after I finished the one I had.

This is a nice Witbier that I liked.  Witbiers remind me of sunshine & warm weather and that made me smile on this day were it barely broke 40 degrees.

Rating: B

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Sunset Wheat by Jacob Leinenkugel / Penn Weizen by Pennsylvania Brewing Company

Super Bowl Sunday brings a special edition of my 365.  I will be predicting the winner of Super Bowl 45 by having a beer from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  After you read this, go ahead and call your bookie and you too will be a winner like myself,KingBob.

Beer #70A is Sunset Wheat by Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, hailing from Wisconsin.  Sunset Wheat will be representing the Green Bay Packers.  Beer #70B is Penn Weizen by Pennsylvania Brewing Company, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA.  Penn Weizen will be representing the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Penn Weizen is a Hefeweizen with an ABV of 4% and Sunset Wheat is a Witbier with an ABV of 4.9%

In the first quarter, appearance, Penn Weizen(Steelers) scored a quick touchdown as it had a beautiful yellow orange color.  Sunset Wheat(Packers) had a dull orange color.  Both were cloudy.  Both had lots of nice carbonation bubble rising to the top.  The head was thicker and fluffier on the Sunset Wheat(Packers) and it lasted quite a bit longer.  Neither had any lacing to speak of.  As the quarter wound down, Sunset Wheat(Packers) kicked a field goal.  At the end of the first quarter, Penn Weizen(Steelers) 7 and Sunset Wheat(Packers) 3.

In the second quarter, nose,  Sunset Wheat(Packers) scored on an interception return for a touchdown with a nice fragrant nose.  I was able to pick out blueberries, some floral notes, & citrus (orange).  Penn Weizen(Steelers) put up a touchdown on a long pass down the sideline with a nice nose of bananas, cloves, and a bready malt aroma.  As time ran out in the quarter and the Black Eyed Peas were getting ready to take the stage, the score was Penn Weizen(Steelers) 14 and Sunset Wheat(Packers) 10.

The third quarter, taste, was tightly contested.  Both beers tasted like they smelled.  Sunset Wheat(Packers) scored a touchdown with a more subdued taste with some nice orange and wheat flavors and a bit of that blueberry I picked up in the nose.  Penn Weizen(Steelers) put up a touchdown and a field goal with those bready malts, spiciness, and cloves most noticeable in the taste.  Third quarter done, Penn Weizen(Steelers) 24 and Sunset Wheat(Packers) 17.

The fourth quarter, mouthfeel/drinkabiliy, was dominated by Sunset Wheat(Packers) (came all the way back to tie the game) as they scored two touchdowns (one on a long pass and the other an interception) with a creamier, smoother beer which was quite easy to drink.  Penn Weizen(Steelers) scored a touchdown (long run up the middle) and a field goal with time expiring in the game.  Penn Weizen(Steelers) was a bit harsher on the tongue with much more carbonation, it just isn’t as easy to drink as Sunset Wheat(Packers).  As time expired, the final score was Penn Weizen(Steelers) 34 and Sunset Wheat(Packers) 31.

There you go…my Super Bowl prediction…Steelers 34 and the Packers 31.  Lock it up.  No need to watch the game now I guess.

Both of these were decent beers.  My wife prefered the Sunset Wheat, I prefered the Penn Weizen.


Sunset Wheat: B


Penn Weizen: B+

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