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Red Vixen by Horny Goat Brewing Company

All good thing must come to an end.  OK…maybe not everything that comes to an end was good.  Take for instance this Horny Goat fest.  This was down right bad.  So lets finish this fest and move back on to real beer.

Beer #240 is Red Vixen by Horny Goat Brewing Company.  This Vienna Lager brewed once more in Wisconsin, has an ABV of 5.4%.

No red to be found at all in the appearance, nothing but amber and that amber was a bit on the dark side.  Very little head to speak of…so I won’t speak of it.  I should have known, another Horny Goat with next to nothing in the nose department.  OK, maybe just the slightest aroma of bread crust but I’m thinking I might have imagined that.  It had a watery, bread-like flavor and not a good bread at that.  It was much too thin in the body and had a bit of stinging carbonation.  Crap…

Nothing to see here folks…move along.  This was a horrible beer from a horrible craft brewer.  I am happy that the Horny Goat fest is finally over.  With an average somewhere between a D and an F, it would be wise to spend your money elsewhere.

Rating: F

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Dos Equis XX Amber Lager by FEMSA

I was in the mood for Mexican food today so off to the closest Mexican restaurant we did journey.  On The Border it was.  OK…maybe not exactly a true Mexican restaurant but one I do like quite a bit and more in the vein of Mexican food for the American palate.  I have never been to Mexico so I wouldn’t be able to tell if it is authentic or not but again…I find it quite tasty.  So what to drink at a Mexican restaurant?  Why a Mexican beer you silly sausages…

Beer #196 is Dos Equis XX Amber Lager by FEMSA from Mexico.  I had this in a 22 ounce goblet on draft from On The Border.

Stats – Vienna Lager with an ABV of 4.5%.
Appearance –  Clear dark amber with no head whatsoever.
Nose – Not much aroma wise, the slightest hint of caramel malts, absolutely nothing else.
Taste – Very light taste, kind of like toast, an ever so slight sweetness,  light caramel maltiness.
Mouthfeel – Light bodied, almost watery but not quite, lots of carbonation made it quite fizzy, kind of harsh.

I used to think this was a really good beer.  Oh how my tastes have changed. There wasn’t a whole lot of anything here…mostly light in everything from taste to smell.  One problem I had was that this was ice cold, even the mug it was in from the restaurant was chilled.  That tends to kill the nose and flavors of any beer for me.  I tried to let this warm up but I didn’t want to spend the better part of the afternoon at On The Border.  The only time you want a beer ice cold is when it is so horrible tasting and smelling that you want to mask or dull the nose and flavors.  I think the Most Interesting Man In The World can find better beers to drink…when he does drink beer.  At least his commercials are quite amusing.  Oh yeah…the food was still quite tasty!

Rating: D

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