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Dogtoberfest Marzen by Flying Dog Brewery

As a Cowboy fan, I wanted to choke Tony Romo last night but I figured why bother, he will choke on his own…which he did.  Oh well…on to beer #288.

Dogtoberfest Marzen by Flying Dog Brewery is my brew of the day.  Brewed in the style of an Oktoberfest or a Marzen in Frederick, Maryland, this brew has an ABV of 5.6%.  This is just about the right time for this type of beer as Oktoberfest (a famous German festival) is just about ready to begin.  Get out those drinking mugs and lederhosen.

Dogtoberfest poured a nice amber color with a touch of red to it.  It had a thin white head.  The nose was caramel malts and an aroma of something similar to those old butterscotch hard candies I still like to this day.  It tasted mostly of caramel and had a bit of an apple taste towards the middle and back end.  It had a nice slight bitterness towards the end also.  The body was somewhere between medium and light and it had a moderate amount of stinging carbonation.

This was a nice brew that was quite easy to drink.  It was a solid beer that would make any Oktoberfest celebration quite enjoyable.

Rating: B


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Hoss by Great Divide Brewing Company

As the days roll on and my basement gets more and more  cluttered with all of the bottles from the past 154 beers…I begin to doubt once again if I will finish this little endeavour.  Not that I can’t finish it…I just wonder if I really want to.  Oh well…to that end…on to another beer.

Beer #155 comes to me from Colorado by the way of Great Divide Brewing Company.  Hoss (odd name) is a Marzen or an Oktoberfest with an ABV of 6.2%.  According to the bottle it was bottled on February 4th of 2011…pretty fresh stuff.

This was a pretty beer, a nice dark orange color.  Either my nose is busted or this was pretty mild in the aroma department.  I did get some caramel like malts…but that was it.  I didn’t get any rye and considering it mentions rye lager on the bottle, I thought this was odd.  Sure enough…the taste was straight up malt.  There was something here also slightly sweet, almost fruity but damned if I knew what it was.  Mouthfeel was typical, medium body with decent carbonation.  I could see one drinking these with ease.

Ehh…nothing here to write home about.  Average, average, average…did I mention it was an average beer?

Rating: C

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