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Harpoon Summer Beer by Harpoon Brewery

Onto beer #207 which is Harpoon Summer Beer from Harpoon Brewery from Boston, Massachusetts.  This Kolsch had an ABV of 5.5%.

Look at that…I actually have a Harpoon glass to pour this into tonight.  Thanks Cavie!  Pale golden yellow, nice big fluffy white head (left some sweet lacing), and awesome carbonation bubbles made up the appearance.  Lemons, grass, grains, and bread make up the nose of this clean smelling brew.  Very bitter up front with that a lemon zest like flavor followed by some mellow grainy wheat flavors and then finishes up a bit dry with a tad more bitterness.  Light bodied, low carbonation, and crisp make up the mouthfeel.

This isn’t my favorite style of beer and this did nothing to change my mind on that.  I thought the best part of this was the nicest lacing it left on the glass. Now…where is my Jester…this is for him.

Rating: C

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Geary's Summer Ale by D.L. Geary Brewing Company

As I roll on towards the halfway point of this journey…I ponder all of the beer I have had the great fortune to taste.  And as I ponder, I crack open beer #176, Geary’s Summer Ale by D.L. Geary Brewing Company from Portland, Maine.  This Kolsch has an ABV of 6%.  I love the label on this…it is composed of many words associated with summer like vacation time, relax, poolside, and so on.  I just wish it felt a bit more like summer here than fall.

Geary’s poured a kind of clear amber with a creamy white head.  The nose was straight up sweet caramel malts with some grassy or earth tones to it.  Kind of like fresh cut grass  (which I just got done doing).  The caramel comes through up front in the taste and ends with a bitterness and flavor of orange peel. Pretty simple but tasty.  It was quite crisp with a medium body and some decent carbonation.  I wanted to take my time with this but it was gone way too quick being it was really easy to drink and I was very thirsty after mowing the lawn.

I liked this one quite a bit.  I could see myself having this after doing yard work as it was quite refreshing and thirst quenching.  Good showing from the Pine Tree State!

Rating:  B+

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Full Circle by New Holland Brewing Company

Play ball!!!  The Yankees domination of the MLB started today with a victory!  One little victory (Rush reference there…) in which I hope springboards them into 95 or so wins.  Lets go Yankees!!!!

Beer #123 is Full Circle by New Holland Brewing Company from Michigan.  This is a Kolsch…I have no idea what a Kolsch actually is so to the web I went for an answer.  A Kolsch is a traditional German beer first brewed in Cologne, Germany.  This particular beer has an ABV of 4.9%.

Full Circle poured a gold color with a little white head.  The nose was very light, there was almost no smell whatsoever until I agitated the brew then I got a bit of grass and maybe some wheat.  The taste was a bit bready…and that was about it.  It finished very dry and flat, almost if there was no carbonation.  The mouthfeel was that of a light bodied brew with very little in the way of carbonation.  It was a very mild and easy drinking beer.

This really reminded me of a Pilsner but without the crispness.  It was OK, nothing to write home about.  Oddly enough, my wife liked it better than I did but she prefers lighter style beers…me…not so much.

Rating: C

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