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Saranac Bohemian Pilsener by Matt Brewing Company

I need to make this fairly quick as I really need a Battlefield 3 fix.  Fantastic game…if you game…go and get it and look for me online, kingbobyjr.  Be warned…you will get smoked…just not by me.  I will leave that to the 14 year olds who have nothing better to do than play games all day long.

Beer #333 is Saranac Bohemian Pilsener by Matt Brewing Company.  This Czech Pilsener, a new style of beer for me, with an ABV of 4.8% is brewed in Utica, New York.

Appearance – A really nice clear gold with frothy, creamy thin white head.  There was close to one million bubbles putting on a glorious show as they were trying to escape the Pilsner (Pilsener…looks like it can be spelled both ways) glass.  Excellent lacing.

Nose – Very mild nose with some grains, hay and grass.

Taste – A bit of a cracker flavor…not Saltines but more like a Ritz minus the buttery thing.  A bit of a lemon rind flavor and bitterness.  A bit spicy with black pepper.

Mouthfeel – Light bodied, crisp, high carbonation…this would probably be quite refreshing on a hot summer day which have gone the way of the DoDo bird…until next summer that is.

Overall – I have to be honest…I wasn’t expecting much being I’m not a huge fan of Pilsners in general.  This was a very drinkable beer though being a King and all, I would still give this to the Jester…and so I shall.

Rating: C

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