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Derailed Black Cherry Ale by Erie Brewing Company

Derailed is a good name for tonight’s beer.  Beer #261 by Erie Brewing Company from Erie, Pennsylvania is Derailed Black Cherry Ale.  This Cream Ale has an ABV of 5%.  I’m a train buff so I liked the label on here as it depicts an Erie Railroad train engined…derailed.

It poured a cloudy muted orange color with no head whatsoever.  The nose was very faint.  I could pick out the cherry…barely.  There was also a touch of grins in the aroma.  The sweet cherries opened the taste with a taste kind of similar to a black cherry soda…but not quite.  There was something off with the cherry flavor…it was almost too fake tasting or forced.  Towards the middle of the mouthful, a cereal (think something like Cheerios) took over and then the tartness of the cherries picked up the towards the back end of the sip.  It had a fake cherry aftertaste which i didn’t really enjoy.  The body was light, it was crisp, and had some decent carbonation.

Ehh…another below average beer for me.  It was just too…artificial…that is the word I was looking for, in the cherry department.  There was nothing here that made me want another.  Like I said, Derailed it was as this was way off the track of being a decent beer.

Rating: D

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Spotted Cow by New Glarus Brewing Company

Beer #94 is Spotted Cow by New Glarus Brewing Company.  Yes, another New Glarus brew and probably the first  I have had with a cow on the label.  This is also my first Cream Ale.  I had no idea what a Cream Ale was so to Google I went.  As you may or may not know, ales are brewed with a top-fermenting yeast and ferment at a warmer temperature and lagers are brewed with a bottom-fermenting yeast and ferment slower at colder temperatures.  A Cream Ale is basically an ale brewed with lager yeast and in this case, corn…interesting.  This beer has an ABV of 5.1%

Into the pint glass went this hazy pale yellow brew.  The head was quite large at first but it didn’t last.  There were some very light malt, grain-like, and corn aromas wafting up to my nose.  The taste mirrored the nose but there was a bit of lemon I picked up also.  It had a bit of an odd aftertaste that kind of lingered.  It had a very light consistency to it with quite a bit of carbonation and was very crisp.  Before I knew it the glass was gone.  It was very easy to drink.  I could see myself drinking this with a nice pizza, the good stuff, not the Chicago or California style, but good old NY/NJ pizza or as I like to say…real pizza.

I thought the Spotted Cow was decent.  It wasn’t the worst beer I have had but fairly middle of the road.

Rating: C

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