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Anchor Steam Beer by Anchor Brewing Company

I have another new style of beer today, a California Common or Steam Beer.  It amazes me that 225 beers in I can still be having unique styles of beer.

Beer #225 is Anchor Steam Beer by Anchor Steam Brewing Company from San Francisco, California.  The ABV of tonight’s beer is 4.9%.  So what exactly is a Steam Beer?  Well the original Steam Beer brewed back in the the late 1800’s used a strain of  lager yeast that worked better at higher temperatures since brewers had limited access, if any, to cold water or ice.

To the pour…a beautiful amber color with a big fluffy white head.  To the nose…very grainy, a touch of caramel malts, and something slightly fruity.  To the taste…slightly sweet caramel malts make up most of the flavors, a bit of a bread thing going on and some slight, and I mean slight fruitiness, maybe citrus?  To the mouthfeel…crisp, medium body, lively carbonation, clean and quite refreshing.

To sum it up…solid.  I liked this a bit better than their Summer Beer.  One of the better lagers I have had for sure.

Rating: B

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