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Sixteen by Weyerbacher Brewing Company

Geez…what a hectic day today.  I have been driving all over NJ for parts for a server.  I need a beer.

Beer #289 is Sixteen by Weyerbacher Brewing Company from Easton, Pennsylvania.  This is a new style for me, a Braggot.  A what…I said the same thing to myself.  A Braggot is an ancient beverage that is a mix of beer and mead (fermented honey drink).  Sounds interesting.  Oh yeah…the ABV clocks in at a healthy 10.5%.

I poured Sixteen and was rewarded with a dark brown brew with a nice tan head.  The I let it sit…for quite some time until it came down to room temp as I heard this was the best way to experience this beer.  The nose was a bit muted but I was able to pick out chocolate, honey (it is part mead after all), and a dark fruit component and for me, that is raisins.  The sweetness of the honey hit me first in the taste.  There was also a roasted malt flavor that was slightly smoky & burnt tasting.  I got some dark fruits like the raisins I picked out in the nose but also cherries.  There was quite a bit going on here in the taste…it was extremely complex in that department.  It had a slightly bitter finish.  The body wasn’t quite heavy but it was north of medium.  It started to venture into the syrupy territory.  The carbonation was on the moderate side.  For the higher ABV, the alcohol was hidden very well.

I took my sweet ass (and I do have a sweet one…ask anyone) time (around two hours from pour to last drop) with this, partly because I was also working from home on those damn servers, but also because it was quite the enjoyable brew and one that demanded to be savored.  I knocked down from A+ simply because I thought it was a bit too carbonated.  I wanted it to be much more smooth and creamy.  Either way…it is a fantastic brew.  Oh yeah…if you do try it…let it warm up to room temp.  Don’t listen to the trolls who say…beer must be ice cold…total garbage.  Only crappy tasting beer needs to be ice cold to dull the crappy flavor.

Rating: A

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