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Bock Beer by Lakefront Brewery Inc

It is amazing what a difference a week makes. At this time last week, we were getting hammered by Hurricane Irene.  Today I decided to strap on the spandex shorts (with baggy shorts over them…no…I’m not one of those), don the bike helmet, fill up the CamelBak, and hit the local trails with my Salsa El Mariachi.  Six Mile Run Reservoir (funny thing is that there is no reservoir here) was in fine form other than a few blown down trees.  They are nothing a chainsaw can’t make short work of.  Cheers to the gents over at Halters Cycles (www.halterscycles.com) who organize trail maintenance to keep this awesome park open for biking and hiking.

After putting in 12.55 miles of fun tongue sticking out single track, it was time for beer #281, Bock Beer by Lakefront Brewery Inc from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Brewed in the style of a Bock, this beer has an ABV of 6.7%.

Into my Stella glass went this iced tea colored brew.  The head was amazing, huge and tan colored.  I dipped my nose in the glass and was greeted with lots of toasted caramel malts, slightly sweet.  There wasn’t any hop component that I could pick up on but I did get a slight boozy aroma.  The taste was much sweeter than the nose led me to believe.  The toasted caramel malts were the star here…and they were quite sweet.  There was also a dark fruit thing, like raisins, along with a nutty thing going on here.  The nutty thing came on at the finish and into the aftertaste.  This was quite smooth and creamy with low carbonation.  It had a medium body.

This was a solid beer.  If you like Bocks, give this one a try.

Rating: B

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Winter Lager by Samuel Adams

After a long day of putting up Christmas decorations and shoveling 2 cubic yards of soil to our backyard, I decided it would be nice for me and my wife to go out for dinner.  We needed a few things at Lowe’s and there was an Applebee’s close by, so off to the place where you can eat good in the neighborhood.

A quick query of the quirky waitress of the beers on draft left me with a few choices.  Winter Lager by Samuel Adams was my choice for beer #13.  Winter Lager is a beer in the style of a Bock, a strong German lager.  Since I got this on draft, I didn’t have a bottle to check the ABV so a quick check up on the Sam Adams website let me know it clocks in at 5.6%.

To the table was delivered a Brewtus glass, actually a Weizen style glass, filled with 23 oz. of the Winter Lager.  The color was beautiful, an iced tea looking color with some tinges of red.  A clear beer it was with some nice carbonation bubbles making their way to the top.  The white head was about a finger width thick.  There was some nice lacing going on as I was drinking the beer.  Initial smells were a whole lot of nothing.  The beer was so cold when it came out I had to let it warm up a bit before I got a sweet malty aroma with just a slight citrus scent.  The taste for me was nothing but that malty sweetness, after it warmed up.  The more it warmed up, the more that malty taste came out.  Every once in a while I would get slight citrus (orange) taste.  According to their website, this is brewed with ginger and cinnamon.  I did not smell or taste any of that.  The brew had a decent medium mouthfeel with just a bit of carbonation going on.  It had an aftertaste that I couldn’t quite pin down, it wasn’t a bad aftertaste, it was just there.  It was a pretty smooth drink overall.

Overall it was a pretty average beer compared to some of the others I have had over the first 13 days.  Not terrible but not exceptional either.

Rating: C

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