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Moinette Blonde by Brasserie Dupont

Who doesn’t like a blonde every once in a while?  Blondes from Belgium, even better.  Without further ado, let me introduce a blonde from across the Atlantic.  Hailing from Belgium, brewed by Brasserie Dupont, we have Moinette Blonde.  A beer in the style of a Belgian Strong Ale and strong it is with an ABV of 8.5%.

Breaking out the tulip glass and pouring ever so gently, this Belgium had quite a nice fluffy white head.  It had a cloudy orange honey appearance.  Off to the nightly dipping of the nose into the glass revealed a spicy, banana, yeasty, & slightly hoppy aroma with some alcohol.  Upon taking a generous sip, I was hit by those spicy banana flavors first with some yeast and then a hoppy bitter finish with the alcohol presence making itself known.  It had a medium body to the mouthfeel with lots of carbonation.

Not too shabby…although I much prefer Duvel over this.

Rating: B+

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On a night where my co-workers had a little holiday get together and the Yuengling Lager was flowing, I figured why not review the Lager?  Well, after one sip of a fresh from the tap drink, it was obvious that something wasn’t right.  To me it tasted watered down.  If I had reviewed what I was drinking, it would have been a F, it was basically beer flavored water.  I have had Yuengling in the past and it never tasted like that, either from the tap or from the bottle.  Maybe in the future I will revisit the Lager, but maybe I won’t

Fast forward a few hours, now back at home.  I was glad I put a bottle of Duvel in the fridge as I would use that as beer #5.  Duvel is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale or Golden Ale with an ABV of 8.5%.

What a lovely looking beer as it settled in the glass.  The color was a beautiful golden yellow with a huge fluffy head with plenty of tiny bubbles rising to the top.  To the nose I went and with that came a spicy peppery lemon aroma.  Upon drinking it, what I smelled is exactly what I tasted, a spicy peppery lemon brew.  Absolutely delicious!  Mouth feel is excellent, not too heavy not too thin but oh so smooth with no bitterness.  The alcohol is also hidden really well for a beer with an ABV of 8.5%

This is one of the best beers I have ever had, absolutely wonderful!  This is one beer any beer lover should try at least once.

Rating: A+

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