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Road Dog Porter by Flying Dog Brewery

Today is Veterans Day in the United States…make sure you let any veterans you may know how much you appreciate the sacrifice they have made to keep this great country of ours free.   It is because of them you and I can enjoy the liberties and freedom we enjoy every day of our lives.

This is also Nigel Tufnel Day (The Nigel Tufnel Day Appreciation Society and Quilting Bee in Favor of Declaring & Observing November 11, 2011 as Nigel Tufnel Day (in Recognition of Its Maximum Elevenness), legendary guitarist from Spinal Tap.  If you haven’t seen This Is Spinal Tap…do so.  It is one of the funniest movies you will ever see…you have my word on that.

Unfortunately, I am quite under the weather today.  Lots of congestion and just feeling plain yucky.  So I will not review beer #348, Road Dog Porter by Flying Dog Brewery, since I can’t smell or taste much of anything.  In the spirit of the 365, I will drink it though.

Here is to hoping I feel better tomorrow.

And I will leave you with one of the most famous quotes of all time “These go to 11.”

And there were 17…

Rating: n/a

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Reserve Ale BBA Porter by Cricket Hill Brewing Company

You know…it has been almost 5 days since I hinted that Ms. sex-pot Scarlett Johansson should give me a ringie ding ding.  I have yet to hear from you…I’m not really sure why.  I am a King after all, I have the #1 blog all across the land (well maybe not), and I am drop dead gorgeous.  Just ask anyone…

Anyways…what a beautiful October day it was and there is more of the same for tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday.  If you didn’t get out today and you live in NJ, NY, PA, etc…shame on you.  Over to New Hope we ventured for a ride on the canal then I had my wife drop me off at Six Mile Run Reservoir and I rode some sweet singletrack there and to top it off…I pedaled my ass home on the roads(boo).  All in all…another 21 miles today and with the 20 I did yesterday…my ass is sore.  So what better thing to do then sit at my PC and blog about another beer.  I think I need a pillow on this chair…and maybe for my loving wife to spread some A&D ointment all over my buttocks…

Beer #314  is Reserve Ale BBA Porter by Cricket Hill Brewing Company from Fairfield, New Jersey.  They brew this American Porter with an ABV of 6.7%.  The BBA in the name stands for bourbon barrel aged and the Reserve means that these are special beers Cricket Hill brews.  They only brew 4 Reserve Ales a year.  I have another lined up for tomorrow, an American Brown Ale.

This beer poured a dark brown, it could have been black.  The head was light brown and quite large and very fizzy.  The nose was very woodsy with loads of vanilla.  Did I mention this was aged in bourbon barrels?  Well it was and it smelled like bourbon/scotch/whiskey.   Take your pick for they all kind of smell similar to me but then again…I’m not a connoisseur of those types of alcohol.  It tasted exactly like it smelled with the inclusion of a bit of chocolate.  It had a very slight burnt ending to it.  It was a bit thin body wise for my liking for an American Porter and was quite harsh mouthfeel wise with a nice amount of stinging carbonation.  Even know it smelled quite like the alcohol bomb…that was not really the case.

For me…this didn’t work as an American Porter.  I just didn’t dig this at all.   It was more like a bourbon flavored beer.  I like a coffee flavor in my porters but this had none of it and it was just a bit too thin.  Lets hope tomorrows from Cricket Hill is better.

Oh yeah…I am really contemplating doing another mountain bike ride tomorrow at Nockamixon in Pennsylvania.  They are having their grand opening of their newly cut trails.  Free food, free drink, and awesome riding.  I’m there…I just hope my derriere can take it…

Rating: D

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Stone Smoked Porter by Stone Brewing Company

I’m not into this tonight (blogging…not beer), just a word of warning.

Beer #303 is Smoked Stone Porter by Stone Brewing Company from Escondido, California.  This American Porter has an ABV of 5.9%.

It was black and had a very nice tan head.  Nose was kind of light with chocolate, coffee, & roasted caramel malts.  Taste was better than the nose, slightly sweet and a bit of a bitter dark chocolate flavor.  It had a decent roasted coffee flavor and was a bit smoky near the back end.  It had a medium body with just a bit too much carbonation.

This was a decent American Porter but not even close, IMHO, to Robust Porter by Smuttynose or Red Brick Porter by Red Brick.

Rating: C

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Porter by Southern Tier Brewing Company

I was out of beer, so to the local beer store I went.  I picked up beer #283 just by what it said on the label…brewed with 2 varieties of hops and 5 types of malts.  It also mentioned in very small letters…ale in tx.  Wonder what that means?  I also picked up a bag of habanero kettle chips.  Sounds good to me!

The beer I picked up is Porter by Southern Tier Brewing Company from Lakewood, New York.  Their version of an American Porter has an ABV of 5.2%.  Lets get drinking!

It had a very dark brown color…for all I know it could have been black.  There was only the tiniest of heads in the form of a tan ring.  The nose was disappointing, it really didn’t have much of an aroma at all.  There was a very faint chocolate smell…and that was about it.  The taste was a bit better with a roasted malt flavor and a bit of semi-sweet chocolate.  It had a slight hoppy herbal thing going on at the very end  There was no aftertaste whatsoever.  It had a light but not quite watery body, very low carbonation, and was quite creamy and smooth.  It went down really easy.

I was disappointed.  I was expecting so much more from this, mostly in the way of a nice coffee like flavor which it did not have.  I would also have liked a bit of a bitter bite…oh well…I can dream.  That being said it wasn’t horrible…just maybe a tad bit below average.  The best American Porter I have had, and this didn’t come close, was Robust Porter by Smuttynose Brewing Company, drink that instead of this.  Oh yeah…the habanero chips were excellent…nice and hot!

Rating: C

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Robust Porter by Smuttynose Brewing Company

TGIF…’nuff said!

Beer #138 is Robust Porter by Smuttynose Brewing Company.  From the Live Free or Die State of New Hampshire comes this American Porter.  The ABV of this brew is a nice 5.7%.

Look at that nice really deep dark brown color topped by a thin tan head.  Roasted aromas abound in the nose.  Coffee and chocolate…yum!  I knew I was going to like this just from the nose alone.  What you smell here is what you get in the taste.  It starts off with deep dark roasted coffee goodness, followed by something slightly sweet (caramel?), and ends with a nice bitter (must be the hops) chocolate ending.  Mouthfeel was nice and creamy bordering on being thick…but in a good way.  It had a decent amount of carbonation.  Highly drinkable…more so as it warms up to room temperature.  I wanted more of this but I only had the one…darn.  Maybe a quick trip to the liquor store after will be in order.

This was an excellent porter.  Very satisfying and delicious with a nice balance of flavors.  I have to say it is the best American Porter I have had so far.  It has been a long time since I handed out one of these…but what the heck…

Rating: A+

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Red Brick Porter by Red Brick Brewing Company

Rain…that is the story of the day so far.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy day then to sit on the screened in porch & wait for the clouds and rain to go the way of the Dodo bird.

Beer #128 is Red Brick Porter by Red Brick Brewing Company from Atlanta, Georgia.  This American Porter has an ABV of 7.7%.

The color of this brew was a dark brown and it had a minimal tan head.  Excellent lacing did that tan head leave behind in the Orlando Brewing  pint glass.  This had aromas of chocolate and roasted coffee, both which were reflected in the taste.  It has a nice medium body with quite a bit of fine carbonation that danced around on my tongue.  For 7.7% ABV, I thought the alcohol content was hidden really well and overall this was an easy drinking beer.

This was pretty yummy…if you like coffee…there just isn’t any way you couldn’t enjoy this.  Give me some of that good stuff…good stuff you Shiny Happy People! (B52’s and R.E.M. references there for all you Cosmic Things out there).

Rating: B+

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Benji’s Smoked Chipotle Imperial Porter by Tyranena Brewing Company

A beautiful, albeit windy, day here in NJ as winter is in its final 15 days.  Today was a day for yard work, chainsawing blown down limbs, raking up branches and leaves, and generally getting the yard in shape after the long winter.  Yard work makes me thirsty for beer and considering this is a beer blog…lets grab a cold one!

Beer #97 comes from Wisconsin and the Tyranena Brewing Company.  Let me introduce to you Benji’s Smoked Chipotle Imperial Porter, an American Porter with an ABV of  7.5%.  This is part of Tyranenas Brewers Gone Wild series of beers, a series of big, bold, ballsy beers.  Brewed with chipotle peppers, that’s correct, you read that right, chipotle peppers.  I love peppers of any kind, the spicier the better and I like my porters so lets see how this works out.

Black was the brew with no head whatsoever.  The nose was of dark roasted malts, chocolate, a bit of vanilla, and the smoky spiciness of the pepper.  The smokiness hit me first in the taste followed by the chocolate and finishing up with more of that smoky spiciness of the pepper.  The mouthfeel is silky smooth, almost oily in the way it coats the mouth and tongue.  An easy beer to drink as nothing is overpowering.  The chipotle works well here lending a nice spiciness and smokiness to this porter.

This is another excellent beer.  One I could easily have had more of but alas, one is all I had.

Rating: A

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Old Leghumper by Thirsty Dog Brewing Company

Beer #67 is Old Leghumper by Thirsty Dog Brewing Company.  Thirsty Dog comes to me from Ohio.  Old Leghumper, as soon as I saw the label I knew I had to get it.  This brew is an American Porter with an ABV of 6.7%.

There was no head (darn) whatsoever as this dark brown, almost black liquid, was poured into the glass.  I dipped my nose into the glass and got something like chocolate milk or a milk chocolate bar and not much of anything else.  I took a sip, there was a bit of roasted malts, some chocolate, and a bit of coffee.  It finished with a slight burnt flavor.  There was an aftertaste that reminded me of some sort of chocolate candy I have had before, maybe Necco Chocolate Wafers?  It was light and thin in the mouth with little in the way of carbonation.  It was quite drinkable but I didn’t really want another.

The best thing about this beer was the label, Old Leghumper…So many legs…So little time.

Rating: C

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Nissefar by HaandBryggeriet

Welcome to Norway!  As least Norway’s version of a Holiday Ale or an American Porter.  Beer #23 (#3 in the week of Christmas brews), Nissefar by HaandBryggeriet weighs in with an ABV of 7%.  Nissefar in Norwegian means Father Christmas.  I love the label on this one with Father Christmas sitting next to a tree enjoying something from a bowl and a mug.  Wonder what is in that mug?

Black as night is an excellent way to describe how this looked with a huge tan head that took a while to settle back down to what is seen in the photo.  A smoky burnt dark chocolate aroma with some black cherries thrown in for good measure greeted the nose.  I’m not quite sure I have ever tasted sourness in a beer, but this had it.  At least that was what my tongue was telling me.  That smoky burnt maltiness with the dark cherries filled most of the rest of the taste profile for me.  It finished for me on the wet side.  It felt slightly heavy and sticky in the mouth with a bit of carbonation.  Alcohol starts to make it self known as the beer warmed up.

This is an odd bird for me, I have never experienced that sourness in a beer before.  It was interesting to say the least.

Rating: B

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