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Shipyard Export by Shipyard Brewing Company

I took a break from putting things back down in the basement after bringing just about everything up last weekend to protect it from the rising waters we had.

Beer #279, which is the last beer in my beer of the month birthday gift, is Shipyard Export by Shipyard Brewing Company from Portland, Maine.  The ABV of this American Blonde Ale is 5%.

Into my Conway Scenic Railroad glass went this clear golden amber brew with a nice frothy white head.  The bubbles rising to the top were quite the sight to see…it was almost mesmerizing to look at.  It looks like I actually captured those bubbles in the photo…cool.  The nose was a bit on the sweet side with a nice malty, almost biscuit like aroma.  I took a sip and got a sweetness up front that reminded me of honey.  There was a grain like flavor there also.  Towards the back end I got some hops in the form of a mild pine like flavor.  It was kind of crisp, a bit on the low side carbonation wise, and had a medium body

I was this digging this and I thought it was the best of the four beers in the beer of the month set.  Now I have to get back to work…it is amazing how much stuff one collects and stores in a typical basement over 14+ years.

Rating: B+

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Whitetail Golden Ale by Rock Art Brewery

Time for an early review.  This will be the only time today I will have access to a PC and an internet connection…I know…hard to believe in this day and age.  So lets get to the beer.

Beer #217 is Whitetail Golden Ale by Rock Art Brewery from Morrisville, Vermont. The ABV on this American Blonde Ale is 5%.  I love the label on this, it depicts Kokopelli, the deity of fertility in some Native Ameican cultures.  It reminds me of my trip many years ago to Sedona, Arizona where I remember seeing the image of Kokopelli quite often.  Awesome place, awesome trip…I love Arizona.

I just love that Warsteiner glass this went in to.  That particular glass seems to accentuate the head, just look at that huge white foamy head sitting atop that golden colored brew.  The nose was very grainy with wheat aromas.  There was also a touch of yeast bread like aromas.  The taste was pretty much grains and wheat with just a touch of lemon at the back end.  It was a crisp, light bodied brew with light carbonation.

I’m not a big fan of American Blonde Ales and this does nothing to win me over. I could see this being enjoyed on a hot summer day though as it is light and would probably be thirst quenching.  For that and Kokopelli, I will give it a slight bump from something to give to the Peasants to a drink suitable for Jesters.

Rating: C

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Vacationland Summer Ale by Gritty McDuff's Brewing Company

TGIF!!!  And boy do I need it this week.  Also it is the start of Interleague play, MLB style.  What does that mean…well it means the 2011 version of the Subway Series, Yankees vs. the cross town stinkers…also known as the Mets.

To celebrate I figured a nice “Summer Ale” for beer #173.  Vacationland Summer Ale by Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Company from Portland, Maine is an American Blond Ale with an ABV of 4.9%.

I broke out my Mac’s Grill pint glass that my mom “borrowed” from their establishment in Auburn, Maine many many moons ago.  Into to it went this light amber liquid.  It had a creamy white head (that creaminess comes through in the tasting too) of about one finger width in size.  It had a nose of grains, a very bread like aroma.  Throw in some grass like smells and you pretty much have the nose.  It had a sort of sweet malty taste up front with a bit of  wheat that finally finishes up with some slightly bitter citrus similar to lemon.  The body was somewhere between medium and light with the carbonation on the lower side.  It was very easy to drink this brew while listening to the ballgame streaming through the old internet.

Not too shabby.  I liked this and felt that the hoppy lemon flavors give it that summer feel.  I could see myself enjoying this out on the old back deck on a hot summer day listening to the Yanks.  Let go Yankees!!!

Rating: B

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Summer Blond by River Horse Brewing Company

There was a time when I enjoyed this beer quite a lot but as times change, so does my taste for different styles of beer.  Summer Blonde, beer #169, by River Horse Brewing Company is an American Blonde Ale (ABV of 4.5%) brewed on the banks of the Delaware River in Lambertville, New Jersey.  It used to be a pretty regular staple I would enjoy a few years ago but man how times have changed.

This hazy pale yellow beer with the smallest of white head had the aroma of grain…and that was it.  No matter how much I swirled or took deeper and deeper whiffs…grain was all I got.  Think bread.  There was just a tad bit of a lemony and grassy flavor here.  It was surprisingly more bitter than I remember and was also very crisp.  It left an odd aftertaste also that I can’t really describe.  It was a thin bodied brew with lots of prickly carbonation.  As far as drinkability it was quite easy but for me…one and done…probably forever.

I know they say everyone loves a blonde (at least I think they say that) but this was one blonde I didn’t love and could easily forget.

Rating: D

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