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Allagash White

Wow…I absolutely love this Witbier, a Belgian “white beer”.

It pours a beautiful cloudy golden pineapple color.  It has a nice spicy citrus, possibly pineapple, aroma.  The aroma is reflected in the taste, delish!  It is a very crisp easy drinking beer with an ABV of 5.2%.

This would be great on a hot summer day, relaxing outdoors, grilling burgers…now we are talking.

Rating: A+

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Troegs Trogenator Double Bock

I’m going to kick off 365 Days of Beer with a particular beer from one of my favorite microbreweries, Troegs.

I have never had a Dopplebock / Double Bock which happens to be a strong German lager.  Judging by this, I will have more for sure!

This one poured a lovely mahogany color with very little carbonation and a tiny head that quickly disappeared.  It had a strong malty aroma with lots of caramel with a hints of cherry.  It tasted like it smelled, was creamy and went down real easy.  The ABV of 8.2% is hidden really well.

I liked this one quite a bit…

Rating: B+

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I, KingBob, will be beginning my quest to try and drink a beer a day for 365 days.  I will comment about each beer I drink but don’t expect reviews worthy of Beeradvocate.

If a beer is good, it will get the KingBob seal of approval.  If it is terrible…well, down the drain it will go.

I hope you enjoy my little journey over the next 365 days.  I know I will…hopefully my liver does too!!!

On to the beer!!!


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